The Randomly Nothing thread


I’ve never really used Windows 10 before until now, and my bloody god I never realised what a load of mess the default setup is :gabriel: :weary: Had to change and remove so much crap. No Windows, I want it to be a laptop, not some mobile thanks.

Thankfully after some typical Mysty tinkering, I’m finding it a million times more tolerable now :sweat_smile:


Lol mysty it’s very good what do you not like about it?


When I first got it, it just comes with a load of stuff I don’t want, and many things setup I don’t need. Not to mention, loads of stuff in the start menu that is more for mobiles. I personally just found it a mess as to why it would be even setup like it was.

But now like I say, after much playing about, it’s significantly declutted and I can get to everything in a flash like normal, so I’m happy now :gunnersaurus:


It’s after his time…


[quote=“Phoebica, post:1245, topic:366”]
It’s after his time…
[/quote]Too right it is, let’s keep things as they were in the good old days :wenger2:





Phil Neville posted a mock-up of Lukaku in a United shirt with the below caption… And then Tim Cahill came along. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Robin_L Check your damn PMs :joy:



after playing the new remastered crash bandicoot for the last few days I’ve remembered how frustrating it can be :slight_smile: a brilliant game though


oxted beer festival today! Cronx brewery with a strong showing. their ‘Nektar’ pale ale is phenominal. :smile:


What is the tattoo all about?


Older brother had many disabilities, died as a result. I got the word brother on my wrist. All of my ink is themed around him tbh.


I’m sorry to hear that, tattoos feel like a nice tribute in this case, properly meaningful.


Cheers dude. :blush: means a lot.


Very endearing. Thanks OA. :blush: :blush:


:confused: :frowning:


Trying to avoid any spoilers for GoT has been an absolute minefield so far today :triumph:

Feels like OA is my sole safe space


I’m only on season 4, feel like hiding in a cupboard for the next two months. Actually Arsenal’s transfer activity between July-August makes me want to do that anyway