The Randomly Nothing thread


Just noticed this in your profile @JakeyBoy :cech:

Considering Calum is next in the list with a ‘mere’ 25, that’s insane. I have 16 ffs :joy: You are the like king on new OA.

Edit: Yes @Persona I did notice it was a ‘special’ number too. Must be your favourite :giroud:


Mysty, I think you deserve credit for ‘not going there’. :smirk:


What an honour.

I’d like to thank my fellow members of staff for putting in the hard work to create and maintain a space where I can showcase my talents. I’d like to thank God for bestowing me with said talents, and my parents for helping to nurture my vast intellect and cracking sense of humour.

But most of all I’d like to thank @Sol, because if he posted more often it wouldn’t even be a contest.


Look at mine :ozil2:




Funny thing is this could actually happen lol.


Id be suicidal if my dreams were that close to reality.


Found this thanks to reddit. 2:02 is the best reaction. Funny how many want to hurt him after though. :joy:


Look at all the bites :joy::joy::joy: brilliant April Fools lol


Good one alright. Only a matter of time before it happens though :slight_smile:


Call me old fashioned but this freaks me out.


Your old fashioned. :grin:


You are old


Just received my key ring with part of Chambos shirt. Anyway the date of the game is 03/12/16. It says it’s a part of a unique slice of the clubs history. What was unique about it?


Our first win at the Olympic Stadium maybe?

As that was the date we beat WHU 1-5 with that brilliant Alexis hattrick


I really don’t get the whole sports scholarship thing. Is it just showing off for universities wanting the best players for their team? Do they get money if someone goes pro or something?


Something to do with the club being 130 years old maybe?


College sports are massive and extremely lucrative.

The university I studied abroad at, the University of Kansas, have one of the best college basketball teams in the country and their coach Bill Self at the time was earning $5m-6m a year BEFORE endorsements. That’s probably even more now, 7 years later. The university also had it’s own 18,000 seater basketball stadium. You would see KU Jayhawk jerseys and merchandise EVERYWHERE ALL OVER. It was a fucking lifestyle for a lot of the non-student fans.

It was insane.

KU’s college football team was fucking atrocious and they still had a 55,000 seater stadium. Imagine the University of Lincoln having a 55,000 seater football stadium just for their uni team.

So the best players win the most games and titles and earn the universities the most money. The whole “college sports” experience is also a massive draw for applicants. People want to go to universities with excellent sports teams so they can take part in the fandom.

I’m sure other american users can expand a bit more.


Well I thought it was stupid but you’ve made it sound mighty awesome :sunglasses: