The R.I.P thread


An announcement of some sorts is apparently happening tomorrow morning at 8.

I’ll be asleep so let’s see if I wake up to twitter being on fire again.


Didn’t she just get a bad cold?


Isn’t this just another rumour? Protocol when the Queen dies is supposedly a media blackout and to announce it at 8am the following day. So the people who are saying she is dead will naturally assume that an 8am announcement will follow.

The way this year has gone though, it wouldn’t be a surprise.


remembering some of our own,Gone but not forgotten.


This celeb and famous deaths so far…2017

and yes maybe 1 or 2 not on a par with the death of David Bowie…

2017 death list…some of these will be if they pop off…


Decent bloke Taylor if not the greatest manager. Unearthed the talent of John Barnes and was an excellent radio pundit.
Received some of the most vile insulting press of any England manager which bordered on raw hate at times.
Went very close to landing a title with Villa and made Watford a decent side. Remember him missing a game at United once to attend his daughters graduation, saying it was to big occasion to miss.
Decent bloke with good values. Sad loss.


RIP Gorden Kaye:


One of those telly programmes my parents had on when I was growing up. RIP Rene.



RIP Sir John Hurt. :frowning:

He was totally brill as (a) The Doctor.


Rip john hurt such a great actor and big loss for Hollywood


Ah man. That’s a real shame. RIP.


Just watched Star War again.and realized that Kenny Baker is gone:cry:



Bill Paxton… RIP.


Rip bill paxton great actor


Man, I really loved him in Lake Placid, Independence Day and Wyatt Earp. :cry:


oh dear god.


Too soon? :giroud:



Terrific actor indeed


Just started watching him in Training day… Rookie cop goes under to investigate veteran cop…
The Beast… Rookie cop goes under to investigate veteran cop…


Holy Shit, Bill Paxton! He’s brilliant even when the film is bollocks - Predator 2, True Lies.

R.I.P Hudson.