The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Man city look fucking scary


Haha was wondering who the fuck the white bald guy for City was…

It’s David Silva :joy::joy:


Brighton holding on well so far.


Generally thought Brighton would get a thrashing! Regretting putting KDB as captain now.


Had the best defence in the championship last season. Amateur hour :wink:


But City’s attack should be scoring goals for fun

P.S. I do actually have 2 Brighton players in my fantasy team. Both on my bench.


commentators here said City have the most expensive bench in football history, had to check:

Bravo, Foden, Mangala, Sane, Silva, Sterling, Toure.

total cost (transfermarkt): £220m :rofl:


Pep looks so weird wearing bright colors as if he was coming straight from golfing.


Still 0-0. Think before you speak, you danish biscuit :wink:


Let’s remember Brighton had the best defensive record in the Championship last season. It is not easy to score against them.
Aguero bottles it.
Dangerous counter for Brighton!
Christ! So fucking close for Brighton! Deflected.
Fuckkkkkkkkk! Brighton have to take these chances. They won’t have better ones!
Cake boy coming on.



City eleborate too much. They need to be more direct in the Premier League.
Sanè is the first player to come off the bench for City.




It should have been penalty to City here.


Fuck! 1-0 City.
Yawn. Own goal. 2-0 City.
Sterling on for Jesus.
2-0 FT for City.


Love waking up and the rent boy debacle is confirmed, I checked the live score app half asleep and wasn’t sure if it was real or a dream at half time.


Hopefully tomorrow morning I can wake up to Tottenham or United dropping points, or even better both of them dropping points.



Imagine Carter-Vickers, Alexander-Arnold, Walker-Peters and Oxlade-Chamberlain in the same team, you’d need an extra row for the team sheet :speak_no_evil:


I won’t lie, I like the new Skysports player line up graphics. Suspect the novelty will wear off soon though