The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread



Sanè benched? Fuck it!


The snake is off!


lol cesc off too, his first yellow was for sarcastically
Clapping a decision the little wanker lol


Luca, why did you use triple captain in week 1?


Lol! I didn’t realize that :kos2:.


9 men Chelsea > 11 men Chelsea


Unreal assist


Great goal from Luis, would be 3-3 if morata wasn’t a moron :hugs:


It looks Burnley are down to 9 men, not Chelsea.


So fucking glad footballs back!


Same. I know I missed proper football, but today has shown me just how much I missed it!


Yes! C’mon Brighton now!


Chelsea next week against Spurs with with Cahill and Fabregas missing. That could easily be another loss for them depending on if Spurs start well into the season.


Went to a festival today; missed SO much good stuff again. Never gonna give up a Premier League weekend ever again.


Stop going to stuff. You miss everything!

Edit: Actually, you may be the lucky charm. Keep going to stuff


I told you!


Also no Pedro and Hazard.


City wearing their sexy kit :heart_eyes:


Jesùs absolute ballin’ it so far.