The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Just seen the current scorelines, what the actual flying fuck. Didn’t Burnley win like one game away from home all last season? How the flying fuck are they 3-0 up against the champions?! :open_mouth:

Even Huddersfield appear to be off to a good start to Premier League life. Just goes to show you there are no more easy games in this League now. It’s gonna be another rollercoaster season!


Well Cahill being sent off didn’t help matters


“47 minutes into the new campaign for Chelsea…still yet to register a shot on target”


Bottom of the league…


Fuck Yeah baby!


I had Foster in my team before :cry:


How lovely! Spurs up next.


Lol classic Fabregas such a muggy player

Did that sort of stuff with us aswell can see why he was disliked by opposition fans


Send the fucking snake off, ref. Come on now. :kos2:


If you’re booked for sarcasm, I’d be sent off every match if I was a footballer!


What a great day and a half of football, best league itw


Morata gets the first one back for Chavski.

1-3. Game on.


I had Morata in my fantasy team originally, but then when Sanchez got injured I had more money so I put Lukaku in - it better pay off!


Hold on Burnley!


Lol at morata costing them a goal by putting it in when it would have gone in anyway and not been offside if he hadn’t touched it


Pep is a cunt, Sane and Sterling benched :roll_eyes:


Who does he think he is putting absolute nobodies like Aguero and De Bruyne in his lineup? :xhaka:


He was a sub, he came on and scored a goal, not sure it’s fair to accuse him of anything. I’m watching this match and they’ve been a lot better since he came on


Another yellow for arguing with officials for a Blues player. :mustafi:


It happened!! :joy: