The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


C’mon Burnley


Seems I was right to cash out on a Pool win with 5 minutes to go. Can’t trust them to defend a narrow win over the 90 minutes.


Typical of Liverpool to steal our 4th spot and then adopt our style of defending though. Do they not have their own ideas? :hipster:



Redknapp and Carragher proper going for it against each other :joy::joy:

Amazing television



Hope I forget to choose a captain more often, thanks Firmino. 13 goals already :scream:


Cahil straight red lol. Fuck off though hes in my PL team only more of a reason to dislike the shitter.


Lol! Thanks god i didn’t have him in my FPL.


Conte knew Chelsea weren’t prepared for this season. This just confirms it. They’re playing some dude called Boga in midfield. And now they’ll be without their captain. They might go all out for VVD now.


Boga off already lmao.


To be fair, that’s a tactical decision because of the red card, not because he has played badly


Chelsea 2015/16

Lose the community shield to arsenal

Courtois sent off in the first league game

Chelsea 2017/18

Lose the community shield to arsenal

Cahill sent off first game






Calling it now, unless Chelsea strengthen, we’re finishing above them!





Fucking called it!! @cristo


That sucks for Boga, he & Christensen the two Chelsea youngsters that are genuinely Champions League level talents.


Can we play on a Friday night every week? Bloody love this. Win on a Friday and then watch everyone else mess up :smiley:


Well done Huddersfield! de Boer is a prat.