The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal incoming.

I say that as I’ve seen 2-2, 3-3 and 4-4 there in recent years, might as well keep going :sunglasses:


Manè is such a brilliant player. My favourite non arsenal player in the league.

Wish we signed him tbh


Same. Seems a bargain now, at only £30m.


No, 5-4 to us :wink:


Ffs, just as my stream started working.


Watford’s goalie :xhaka: . 2-2.


2-3. Lol.



On the plus side. A goal and an assist for Salah. FPL points.


First two matches of the new season are a 4-3 and currently a 2-3

I LOVE THIS GAME! :heart_eyes:


La Liga may have the best talent. But we have the most exciting league in the world.


Is the pace of the modern game that much that teams can no longer defend?

Or has the art of defending just been forgotten?


And the worst goalies :mustafi:


Ha yeah, but that’s what makes it exciting. I reckon even I could score against some of these defences!


I love you Salah and Firmino, FPL points >>>


Haha looks like forgetting to pick a captain served you well!









First 2 PL games have been sooo Premier League-ish it’s unreal. :kos2:


13 goals in 2 games! Amazing stuff!




Wow! 13 goals in just 2 games!