The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


If they have a chance of playing v Chelsea i wouldnt risk Ox or Kos in the Everton game.


It’s extremely poor loser mentality to cut your losses in the middle of a match on the basis of a result in a game that isn’t over yet. Anything can happen even if Liverpool go 2 up

The Liverpool score shouldn’t even matter, nor should the final at this point. We should concentrate on our performance and getting the win.

The chances of anybody getting injured is slim at this point. No point factoring it into your thinking.


Id sacrifice the Everton game altogether… Fuck 4th. The cup final is all that matters and we need a fit squad for that…


I’m not even sure Alexis can be injured at this stage.


We only have two competitive games left in the season, any player who feels they need to be rested should be looking for a new club in summer. Hell I’d like to think that most real players out there would take the injection when it comes to a final at wembley and play through the pain.


It’s sensible risk management to look after our two key threats.

If Man City and Liverpool take a 2 goal lead and it’s midway through the 2nd half, take them off obviously. They should know it’s in their best interests.

Exception might be if it’s a totally dull end of season kickabout with zero challenges / niggle from Everton players, which is what I’m expecting. But even then you’re only one sprint away from a hamstring going


It’s not a loser mentality at all

What you are doing is protecting two of your best players for a bigger game

I can imagine the uproar if Liverpool are winning and we leave Sanchez on and he gets injured. People will be going absolutely ape shit cos Wenger didn’t take him off when the game didn’t matter


Basically conceding defeat mid match is loser mentality. We have a chance, I expect the team to be professional and go for it fully. No regrets

The injury hypothetical is so pointless. Ozil and Alexis will be fine if they play the whole 90 just like they’ve been the last couple of matches. Imagine the uproar if we take off Ozil and Alexis but results turn to in our favour but we can’t capitalise because our best players are messing.

Like I said before the Liverpool game should have no bearing on who we play or when subs are made. Let’s finish the league season with some pride and maintain our form going into the final.


Yeah me too. I think were better suited in europa anyway for next season. That injury he had at stoke (Sanchez) spooking me tbh.


Time for some lasagne again :mustafi:


^ this. Once we are 3-0 up, then alexis and kos can rest. Their job is far from over.


So many ifs and buts. What if Liverpool are 2-0 up and Arsenal are 2-0 up and we protect players and they both end 2-2? Then Wenger is slated for giving up and screwing up 4th.

Play the best team in both games. If someone key gets injured then that’s truly unlucky but it could happen in any game. Our team should be able to play on a Sunday and then play on the following Saturday. We’re not going to lose the cup final because our players are tired and we’re not going to win it because our players are fresher than Chelsea’s.


It could happen in any game but the point is that this particular game is one week before our season-defining match. Minimise risk, take him off if and when Liverpool get a 2 goal lead. That’s what I’d do anyway, especially if Everton randomly decide to put effort into this fixture. Hopefully it’s a 90 minute stroll


Unless Liverpool are up by 3 or more goals, you have to play the best lineup possible, even if the chances for 4th are slim. Don’t throw in the towel until it’s over.


United have rested everyone bar Pogba for the EL final


Bailly is playing too, but that is a pretty funny lineup


He’s suspended for the final thats why he’s playing :slight_smile:


Gestede is starting up front for Boro. Our top 4 hopes rely on Rudy fucking Gestede. The man couldn’t win an argument with himself!


Man City scored inside 5 minutes.

Liverpool next :eyes:

This’ll be done by half time


Knowing our luck, for sure.