The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


leicester are fucking trash, their players attitudes are fucking garbage hope the cunts get fucking relegated snakey motherfuckers!


Why are people getting so angry about a dead end of the season game? :joy:


It’s fucking Spud ffs!


How dare he take Alexis’ golden boot :sanchez2:


Isn’t that our tactic anyway :sanchez:


@GunnerGirl I think it was you that was saying Sky should advertise our game with Everton as Lukaku vs Alexis race for the golden boot, well looks like old HurriKane Harry swept in and has changed that


Yeah, but it should be like this even more on sunday. At least try to let him become The Premier League top scorer :sanchez2:


Sanchez shouldnt play sunday. Bench at the very most. Liverpool will smash boro for 6 sunday.


You know Alexis is gonna force Wenger to play him, don’t you?.


I’d play a strong team against Everton, and only rest players who truly need it to avoid jeopardising fitness for the cup final ( maybe someone like Koscielny for instance). I’d rather try and keep our run of good results going to avoid halting our momentum. Also because no matter how remote the chance may seem, we can still finish in the top four if we do the business and Liverpool don’t. I highly doubt Liverpool will drop points in this one as they know what’s at stake, but the fact is that this is exactly the kind of match Liverpool have dropped points in throughout the course of the season.


That’s not even debatable if there is a slim chance of top 4


Who really needs rest though? We’ve been out of the Champions League since March, out of the League Cup since last year and all we’ve had is the 120 minutes against City and plenty of rotation in between (primarily down to the change in formation).

I think it would be a shambles if we rest anyone in a game where we can still mathematically qualify for Europe and we are also still a whole week away from our FA Cup Final game which is to be played in London… a not too unreasonable drive from where we usually play.

Basically, I agree with you. No need to ruin any sort of momentum we do have going.


Crazier things have happened.

Just look at last season. The only way we overtake Spurs on the last day of the season is if they lose, but they’re playing an already relegated Newcastle team who go down to 10 men. Dead rubber right? :joy:

That being said I do believe we’ve finally ridden our luck all the way to the end with regards to finishing top 4. There have been a few seasons now where we shouldn’t have made it, but we did and I think we have really shit the bed this time.


Oh yeah man, I don’t disagree with you at all. That line in my post was more of a caveat than anything, basically acknowledging that it could be the case that someone might need resting and I wouldn’t know because I’m not privy to fitness reports or training sessions.

Full strength side is the best course imo


Pretty sure Chelsea will be resting players. If Liverpool go 2 or 3 up early just get Sanchez out of harms way.


I realise that by how I worded my post, it probably seemed like I was challenging you. It was more aimed at the idea that the manager could rest anyone moreso than it was aimed at you.


Of course they will. They are in a position where they can. Sadly we aint

I agree though if Liverpool go 2 or 3 up i would get Sanchez, Ozil and another off straight away


Taking key players off if Liverpool are winning is ridiculous tbh.



How ridiculous would it be if Liverpool were winning 3-0 on 60 minutes and we left Sanchez on and he got injured so misses the final?


Winning 20 or losing 2 0 if Liverpool are winning wont impact on wembley. Im not really buying taking momentum on the last day into any significance for the final.
We got a few results lately to suggest we know were we are now.