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You’re about to back up one of your claims, I don’t think you should deprive those of us who read the rest of this back and forth that. :slight_smile:



It’s got nothing to do with being upset and you know this, its because it was just a “dreary” back and forth with little attempt to actually debate, which is why I suggested you either stop or have an actual discussion that people wouldn’t mind reading.

So if you’re having a discussion about something related to current affairs in this thread, you’re free to continue as you please.


Thanks for that.


You’re the one mentioning my name you boring little man.


I wasn’t denying whether or not plea bargains exist. It’s whether or not legal representatives encourage minorities to plead guilty because the system will find them guilty anyway that I questioned.


Very convenient time for him to duck out (again) isn’t it?


I showed concern for you getting upset and it seems you’ve got upset again. Call me little if it makes you feel big though. :wink:


Duck out, by having a direct convo with you? um…


Where did you see this study that shows minority’s are more likely to plead not guilty?

Thurther more just respond to this post…

Where did you see these studies? I highly doubt that’s true but if it is maybe it’s because they actually were not guilty but were arrested and charged anyway?

Why did you bring up the issue of people pleading guilty in relation to minority’s being convicted at a higher rate then white people for the exact same crimes? (Something that definately has been shown in lots and lots of very credible studies)



Lol the reason your study gives for them not pleading guilty is the exact thing you say dosent exist

Why did ou bring this up in relation to conviction rates anyway?

Do you want me to find you a study (I could probably find you thousands). That shows that minority’s are convicted at a higher rate than white people for the exact same crimes??


What? What do I say doesn’t exist?

Kaner, context and details are everything to an investigation. Top line data alone isnt enough to form an opinion on anything, at all.

A factor in longer sentencing is the not guilty plea, which is more prominent among minorities which is attributed to distrust in the system, sure.

But your statement was that people were told to plead guilty, which I simply highlighted was false.

Now hand over the keys to my new house


It says they don’t trust the court system because they believe that the court system treats minority’s unfairly, something that is supported by lots of data and studies like this one, you could probably find one on that exact site


M[quote=“Oliver, post:525, topic:187”]
A factor in longer sentencing is the not guilty plea,

Nobody’s talking about longer sentences other than you were talking about conviction rates

Every single case will involve a lawyer telling his client if he think she they should plead guilty, everyone that’s pleads guilty has been told to plead guilty by their lawyer unless they are representing them selves in court, And you say I don’t understand the legal system lol

Also how does the fact that apparently a higher proportion of minority’s refuse to plead guilty prove that lawers don’t advise minority’s to plead guilty in a case where they possibly wouldn’t be advise a white person to plead guilty because that’s lawyer thinks the white person stands a better chance of being found not guilty if he pleaded not guilty?


erm, you and I were discussing it yesterday.



You say things like ‘FACT ethnic minorities get longer sentences, therefore the world and his mum is racist’ but that in and of itself isn’t an analysis. You haven’t made any effort to understand why, which is what I’m trying to do.


I think you’ll find if you look at the data that that statement is correct, Are you trying to say that the sole reason for that is because some minority’s refuse to plead guilty?

I didn’t say longer sentences I said harsher, someone being found guilty is harsher than someone being found not guilty, that’s what I ment although I could have worded it better I guess


Can I have an explanation on harsher?

Because people that plead guilty typically get shorter sentences than those that get convicted after pleading not guilty.

and yeah, being found guilty is harsher than being found not guilty, great detective work there. :smile:

Furthermore, I’ve been quite clear that it this is a big factor to consider and not the sole reason, don’t create another straw man.


I don’t think it’s a very big factor at all to be honest?

Does your study say What % of minority’s refuse to plead guilty when advised to do so? It would have to be a very high percentage for that to have much bearing at all wouldn’t it?