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Slightly off topic but I once read an article that suggested female criminal justice should be completely reformed. ie custodial sentences should be scrapped in favour of community service, counselling/therapy and drug rehabilitation treatments.

Several interesting points were made about female offending rates in certain crimes and the typical profile of the of the female offender


yeah I read it a and it seems theirs more to it than first met the eye, You should probably @ Cristo though as this debate started from him saying something like “male privilage lol” in relation to this case


Whilst nowhere near as good a piece as the one I just posted, I think this is worth reading too.

The same mercy should be accorded to another Lavinia Woodward, with a similar troubled background, who was simply attending courses laid on by Jobcentre Plus with the aim of becoming a care assistant. Or one who was a checkout assistant at Tesco with aspirations towards becoming a supervisor.

I don’t think there is something wrong with showing Lavinia Woodward mercy, but I don’t think her prospective career should be a factor in the slightest and I think it is pretty clear to anyone who is willing to be honest that this kind of mercy is not applied equally across the board.


What does this sort of message send out to good looking girls, from wealthy families and good prospects?
It’s ok if you have a row with you boyfriend, just stab him and you’ll be ok.

I would have thought being brought up with the sort of advantages she had would mean they should have more self control and self awareness, not less.

Ironically the profession she is in requires her to use a knife.
I would suggest to her work colleagues not to get on the wrong side of her while she is working.


Saudi Arabia becomes the final country in the world to allow women to drive cars




What the hell Is your job?


About time.


Jokes about women drivers are about to soar in Saudi Arabia.


The first post I saw on Twitter was “Saudi Arabia is about to get a lot less safer” :smirk:


That’s all well and good but as you said unfortunately the same considerations aren’t applied across the board.

I’d happily admit I’m wrong but the domestic violence the article mentions, wasn’t that commited by her rather than on her? That’s what one of the previous articles said.

Anyways, being a doctor (or teacher etc.) isn’t the same as any other profession. You will have the trust of very vulnerable people and will have to deal with very stressful situations and if you can’t handle that you shouldn’t be in that situation in the first place.

I do sincerely hope she continues to get help and get better and makes the most of this second chance she has got. Especially if she just gets a fitness to practice and is still allowed to practice.

Needs to count herself lucky as not everyone is afforded this. Or has articles written explaining away what you did because it was only surface wounds and that you were drunk. I mean that makes it ok I guess :arteta:


The fact that this is your reaction to what Kaner said says a lot. Believe it or not, that actually happens.


How do you know that happens? Or are you jumping to a conclusion just as you were earlier?

FYI, the fact you jumped to a conclusion here says an awful lot about you and the way you falsely perceive the world, so if im wrong lets educate eachother


Unless you think people plead guilty against their lawers advice what explanation would you give for more people of colour pleading guilty to their charges than a white person?


Pleading guilty leads to lesser sentences, the issue iirc is that people of colour plead not guilty.

You honestly don’t get the legal system do you?


Exactly, whitch is why a lawyer would advise someone he thinks is more likely to be found guilty to plead guilty so they get a lesser sentence,

The lawyer knows the minority person is more likely to be found guilty so will give advice on that basis regardless of wether he person is actually guilty


Studies have supposedly found BAME are more likely to plead not guilty. Which is a factor in their demographic having longer sentences, you seem to feel it’s the opposite though? Can you elaborate

Should we go to PM before Jake gets upset again?


Where did you see these studies? I highly doubt that’s true but if it is maybe it’s because they actually were not guilty but were arrested and charged anyway?

Why did you bring up the issue of people pleading guilty in relation to minority’s being convicted at a higher rate then white people for the exact same crimes? (Something that definately has been shown in lots and lots of very credible studies)


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as long as your willing to debate properly I don’t think jake will mind. @JakeyBoy ?


I wasn’t asking for permission to post here. I am encouraging a private discussion to save the rest of the forum from another dreary back and forth.