The Boxing Thread


Another MAN DOWN


Spence is quality.



Never thought it would happen. Its a side show, but I’ll definitely be watching.


kinda sure this doesn’t end well for McGregor.


He’s definitely getting beat but it ends well for his bank account. Which is what it was always about.

As well as being the first ufc fighter to hold two belts as the same time he’s also quite likely to be the first to have two belts stripped without defending them :joy:


They’ll throw the fight to ensure a rematch and even more money.


Who will? Mayweather? Guy could fight a plastic bag and get a million PPV buys. No chance he throws 50-0


Maybe not lose but they will make sure there’s enough reason to have a rematch.


Each fighter taking home at least 75 million US dollars.


Personally think Mayweather will want to embarrass McGregor.

There wasn’t any good reason to have this fight other than they talked themselves into it. They can do that again regardless of the outcome of this one.


There won’t be another fight if the outcome is massively lopsided.


I don’t think there will be another fight whatever the outcome. But if im wrong and they want another one then it will happen no matter what.


If Floyd even drops a round it’s pretty embarrassing. The heavily edited sparring footage of McGregor tells you all you need to know about his abilities as a boxer. At this stage I don’t think he’s even a good enough boxer to reach contender level.

It’s a farce. But a farce everyone will buy into.


Joke of a fight lol McGregor is domestic level at a stretch


Absolute joke of a fight, I won’t be watching. It just shows people just want a pantomime. I really hope it flops. It shouldn’t even be sanctioned, someone with no boxing experience taking on a multiple time world champion.


Wouldn’t mind seeing CM wheel kick Floyd in the kisser and clean him out though


Echoing others, this is a bit of a farce really. I will say now that I’m not going to watch it but I know by the time it rolls round everyone else will be hyping it and I’ll get FOMO and end up watching it, especially if all the lads order it on PPV and plan a sesh around it.


You don’t get an any more blatant money grab than this. I can’t really blame them for that, but it does make a mockery of sport imo.


let’s face it, it’s an excuse for loads of beer and a few packets.

Plus it will be great comedy value. Win win chaps.