The Boxing Thread


Get in come on Aj


Fucking Yes…
Part 1 of the Arsenal double…


Wow what a finish. He was losing it if it went to the judges.


That uppercut,Diamond of a punch.
A fight that lived upto the hype


Adam Smith said the judges had it for Joshua.

Joshua vs Fury must happen.


Unreal AJ :heart:


Fuck me, that was an enjoyable fight


Read it was a great fight.


What a fucking fight, Wlad in unreal, what a comeback from AJ too. Best heavy weight fight I’ve seen in my era hands down.


Fury doesn’t deserve to fight AJ at the moment. It should deffo be Fury Vs Klitschko and the winner gets th chance to fight AJ.

Loved this fight. Klitschko was winning for me until the round he got floored after round 8 or so. I was really worrying for AJ because he was playing right into Klitschko’s hands.


More wins at Wembley than Spurs


Couldn’t have been a more perfect spectacle. AJ ran through Wlad at times but it was amazing to see the experienced Dr Steelhammer getting up and putting on a clinic for large periods too. Joshua recovered well through rounds 9 and 10 before he went all out in the 11th. Every second of that fight felt eventful. That’s what the wider public have wanted to see from boxing for a long time.


I mean Fury broke Wlads soul when they last fought. Completely outclassed him. There isnt a single reason for that fight to happen again really.

Of course Fury deserves the fight against AJ. Even if he’s out of shape.


So the man who dethroned a unified champion, unbeaten in 10 years by winning virtually every round doesn’t deserve to fight a man who went life and death with an even older (41 year old) version who hadn’t fought in 17 months and largely exposed most of the flaws most people knew already existed (no lateral head movement, poor footwork, being very susceptible to counter punches)…

Wlad started slipping around 2014 and he almost won last night. I love Joshua and I’m glad he won. But Fury remains the king of the division. Unofficial or not.


Great fight, but also puts Fury’s performance a couple years ago in an even bigger light.

A real classic though. I had Klitschko winning at the time of the KO but it was close and end to end.


I had Klitschko up 6-4, and I scored the 5th a 10-9 to Joshua.

So my scorecard read 95-93 at the time of the stoppage.

But it was a great comeback. A throwback to Lyle-Foreman.


bring my Fury vs AJ. NAOW.



War GGG !


No one watching Brook Spence?