The Boxing Thread


Watched a HBO Boxing interview with Wlad yesterday and it went something like this.

Interviewer: “You’ve had 68 fights, he’s had 18. You’ve been boxing as long as he’s been alive. Is this too soon for him?”

Klitschko: “Or is it too late for me? These are the questions that everybody has. That’s why the attention to this fight is incredible.”

Pretty much covers why there’s such a genuine intrigue surrounding this fight on top of what’s already a massive occasion for heavyweight boxing anyway. Defining moment in both of their careers.


I really do worry this is too late for Wlad, he looked hesitant to throw against Fury which is usually the sign of an ageing fighter that has lost some of their timing.

That was November 2015!!!, he’s 41 now.


Any stream for this?


We’re just into round 2 and you can tell Klitschko has got this. Wow :open_mouth:

Cmon Antony. Being a bit schooled here


Interesting. I’d have definitely given Joshua the first.

I don’t watch much boxing mind.


Joshua the 3rd round for me. His jabs were pretty much all falling short in the first two rounds


2-1 Joshua imo




How is Klitschko’s head still on his shoulders :see_no_evil::grimacing: Jeebus


The 41yo OAP Klitschko looks the fresher man here :confused:




Antony Joshua’s done here


Turning into Frank Bruno…
Stay out of range take a breather


Klitschko is so impressive here

Experience telling over yoof?


Ive got russian commentary fuck knows what they are saying


This fight makes you realise how much of a skilled fighter Tyson Fury is.


Im on rd 8 AJ seems to have sorted himself out…bell.


Bang that cut


Klitschko’s won either 5 or 6 of these 8 rounds


Come on…