The Boxing Thread


Gotta laugh at Chisora. All his fights are about the hype

The guy is a total clown



Anyone watch BHop’s final ride last night?

Poor guy was knocked out the ring, ended a TKO because of that.

On the undercard, Oleksander Usyk is a beast. These Ukrainian boxers from 2012 :cech:



The Haye / Bellew press conference in Liverpool today was mad, they’ve certainly hyped this fight to the maximum. :hushed:


Are these cunts serious about not mentioning the decisive injury? Everybody on screen is just going to completely ignore that happening? Haye too scared to mention it because of toe gate? Wow what an absolute shithouse. Bellew beat a guy on one fucking leg :joy:


I can’t take this sport seriously sometimes.

A couple of days ago: "I’m going to send him to hospital, i hope your family isn’t watching"
Now: “I’ve got so much respect for him”


I was like WTF when Bellew, Nelson & Joshua were “analysing” the fight, no mention of the injury that turned it into some sort of circus show. And Eddie Hearn has no shame whatsoever, Wilder would merk Bellew.


The whole thing was a shitfest.


It actually looked like a drunken pub brawl at times. The whole fight was shambolic. At one point Bellew offered to touch gloves and Haye ignored and went for a cheap swing, completely missing falling into the ropes looking a right fool.


It was worth it seeing Eddie Hearn get mugged off at the end.


The fight was worth it, just to watch Katie Taylor fight on the undercard.


Another great weekend of sport incoming. I’m not a huge boxing fan but I’m looking forward to this one. Who’s going to win?


I reckon Klitschko


I’m psyched for this, cannot wait.


Arsenal double…Joshua Sat, Arsenal Sunday…


So hyped for this fight. At first I thought Joshua easy win, but now I am thinking Klitschko’s experience might see him through. Both look in tremendous shape.


Wlad looks good. Dunno will be tough to call.

I’d go with him.


Klitshcko is the better value here, altho I hope Joshua wins


Love that I have no idea who’s gonna win this, I am kinda leaning towards Wlad but that said I hope AJ flattens him