The Boxing Thread


I’m of the party of pro-twatting in this circumstance. I can’t stand the guy honestly.



November 19th, what an encounter.


I’ll be at that fight. First time in Vegas :raised_hands:t4:


What an occasion to go for. What do you make of the bout?


The absolute most intriguing fight between two genuinely top fighters in a very long time. This isn’t Pac-Floyd, two past prime superstars going at it. This is Kovalev, in the prime of his career and Ward, who looks untouchable, going at it for P4P supremacy.


Had some elements of a home decision imo but was a very even and close fight.

I really hope there is a rematch, towards the end round it got great.

Hope you had a great time buddy @SRCJJ


One of the best experiences of my life. Met Roy Jones and Curtis Stevens at the MGM. Had good seats at the weigh in and good seats for the fight. After 7 I had it 6-1 for Kovalev and didn’t see how Ward would get back into the fight but he won the last 5 rounds for me so I had it 6-6 at the end and with the knockdown it was 114-113 Kovalev. But it was a close fight and one or two swing rounds could have gone either way.

The fight experience in Vegas is something else though.


Several extremely close rounds in there and overall an extremely tight contest. Absolute nightmare to score. I couldn’t understand why the likes of Lederman and Rafael had it so wide for Kovalev, it just seemed like they were scoring on aggression and not as much on clean work. What an exceptional contest between two greats. I agreed with the judges scorecards but if they could have given that as a draw it would have been fitting in my eyes. The way Ward grew into that fight and shook off the cobwebs against a much bigger opponent was simply sublime. Can only admire S.O.G. just an inspirational athlete.


Holy shit that must have been awesome! I can see Roy being lovely.


Rude as shit lol. Probably the least friendly “celebrity” I’ve ever met if I’m honest.


Oh well, that’s a shame you’d think he would based on his hbo commentary but who knows these days.

Londoners! Tony Bellew vs David Haye at the O2 Arena this March!


Might be because I don’t like either fighter but I’m not at all excited for Haye Bellew.

I also hoped Briggs would get a decent payday against Haye with maybe a belt on the line now Browne is seemingly out of the picture but again, that’s because I actually like Briggs after listening to him on the recent Joe Rogan podcast.




Luis Ortiz fighting on the undercard of Joshua-Molina. As far as I’m concerned, Hearn would do well to keep Joshua far away from Ortiz. It would be a whitewash.


Whyte-Chisora, Joshua-Molina and Holloway v Pettis in the UFC. Saturday is a decent fight night indeed.

Dillian Whyte’s a funny cat. Always involved in verbal spats and arguments. Hope he puts Chisora away though.

I think Molina on a good night could be interesting, but AJ should have far too much for him. The public have Molina down as some joke opponent, I don’t think they’ve given him any credibility at all. Joshua’s camp won’t make that same mistake.

Been watching the Haye-Bellew build up and press conferences. The animosity and the fact Haye is back in a decent fight again makes it a big’un for me. Bellew’s recklessness in his fights could leave him too open though.


It kicked off again between Whyte & Chisora in their final press conference today.


He is an absolute monster.

I think (and hope) Hearn et al know themselves that Joshua maybe isn’t ready for guys like him yet, they have managed his fights very well so far.

Man, Chisora is a crazy guy. Chucking tables…


Absolutely. I think they’re waiting to see how Ortiz looks on Saturday and if he doesn’t look any better than he did against Malik Scott then Hearn will probably give him to Joshua providing he gets past Klitschko in the spring.


Molina is a step up on Martin and Breazeale but he’s still a C level fighter at best. But I hope they stop feeding him cans now and give him some good opposition.

And Haye-Bellew is a farce because Haye is literally going to starch him in a few rounds lol