The Betting Thread



Turns out Juve fucked up anway!


They fucked me up as well.

Trying out this tonight,


Gd luck


I know I should have posted it before the game but had a tenner on Arsenal to win -1 AH @3. Pretty good odds for an Arsenal game.


We all know Gladiator’s good, but woah, somebody won £60,000 for correctly predicting 7 leagues they’d put money on, in an accy pre season. Championship, League 1 and 2, plus all four divisions in Scotland. Aston Villa’s equaliser had massive significance in the end :open_mouth: Not to mention Portsmouth started the final day in third place and somehow came out on top. That’s pretty incredible.


Should I cash out!? :thinking:


If it’s going to go wrong it will be at stoke so I’d maybe put a few quid on them to beat us and let the bet run. 260 on 20 quid is a tidy return.


Sounds good to me! I was actually thinking that, just needed some reassurance. The guy on my left shoulder says not to, but the guy on my right shoulder says ‘just do it bitch!’ :upside_down_face:


That should cover it, hope Liverpoo don’t draw again


Had a cheeky Friday punt. Cashed this out at 35 just a minute before Zaragoza conceded :crystal_ball:


Got 2 quid on Spurs beating United, us beating Stoke and Liverpool drawing with West Ham at 17


Thats a good bet. Might mimic that

Edit’: actually that will just ruin it for both of us…


Got 3.5 quid on 0-2 at 10

Being offered a tenner cash out :confused:


Didn’t cash it. Instead put 4 quid on Stoke next goal at 4 and put a quid on 2-2 at 34



Try again


So tempted to cash out…


I had 3 quid on Crouch to score when he came on. Return 34 lol


For £3, that’s an awesome return.


Silver lining betting not based on what I thought would happen


Can’t decide whether you’re all betting sharks, or if you all just post when you’re winning :pouting_cat: