The Betting Thread


Had a tenner on Arsenal not to win at basically 2.0

I was too optimistic and thought we might manage a draw.


@Midfield_Maestro I think we’re going to beat Leicester comfortably at home…you know what to do :speak_no_evil:


Little tip.

Can put 50 on athelti
50 on draw or leic

Min profit 15. Max profit 75. No brainer.


Got a few quid on Juve to win and both teams to score at 5.0

Edit: this looks on at 2-0


Betting against Farca proves a moneymaker.


Literally free money chaps. Cant lose.


@Midfield_Maestro So I deposit my own 50 quid and put it on Atleti to win. Then once the match starts I bet on draw or Leicester. Is that in play bet with my own money again or is a free bet offered?



The offer is: place a prematch bet on the specific event, then place an in-play bet on the same event. If your in-play bet loses, they will refund it up to the value of the prematch bet, max 50 units (pounds).


What bookmaker is that MM? Is it betfair?
There is a certain amount of risk with matched betting (which technically is covering all outcomes of an event to ensure certain profit thanks to the bonus money). Bookmakers frown upon such behaviour which is considered abuse of the bonus offers. In the T&C of the bookmaker there will almost certainly be a line that reads as follows or something to similar effect:

I would suggest always applying matched betting between two different bookmakers to ensure they don’t void the bonus and/or profits.

In the mean time, this is looking good at the moment.



I see @Gladiator. Its a bet365 promotion. Il use betfair to place the other bet in that case.

Edit: actually that wont work as the in play bet stake has to match the bet before kick off.



I’m going to tip Burnley to beat Everton tomorrow. :innocent:


You’ve had a good run lately. But now you’re just being silly mein freund


Just put a score on this.

Thats only because I see us picking up one or maybe two wins in the league till the end.


Much MM? More than 5 or the same? :slightly_smiling_face:


Score means 20

I forget there are foreigners on here like the Scottish


Signed up to skybet for this bet. Deposited and placed £10 so got £20 back in free bets. Placed the actual money on a Lukaku/Alli anytime double at about 3.1 and then placed the £20 free bet on Everton finishing higher than us.

Edit: also put 7 quid on Spurs -2 at 2.6, would have placed more but that’s what I had in my account and didn’t want to deposit. Which is a shame but it’s still going to give me some fun tokens for the rest of the weekend.


Scottish Grand National anyone?


I’ve just seen the odds for the next Prime Minister, after the election, and May is 1/10.
So if you had a spare thousand pounds, it means you would earn 10% interest in a few weeks, which is far more than any bank would give you.


Came 4th. So got 10.50 back. Decent!


Backed Dortmund and it paid off :slight_smile:

Cashed out at 75 (max 87)