Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


leave one top six side reeling – and the others scrambling for their cheque books

We finished 5th and are therefore one of “the others”… I can say with absolute certainty that we won’t be doing that.

Sun is Fake News. :laca:


Yeah right place, right time for Danny Rose. Bit like Victor Moses. Rose will soon get found out if he goes somewhere else.



Always gave off a snide aura.


Always hated the cunt. Not just coz he’s spurs, but he’s always had the demeanor of a prick. Bit like Cole. Quality LB though.


Scored that goal against too. Cunt.


Ted Knutson pointed this guy out as a forward option for us.


Couldn’t resist haha, Knutson.


José Izquierdo was on the list of many clubs [Monchi was following him to replace Salah if Leicester will continue to refuse every offer for Mahrez]. A player with CL and EL clubs on his track chooses to join a relegation team in England. This is what Premier League became.


Deathly silent on the Arsenal front. We’re at the stage where we’re probably hoping loads of dominos fall and we pick one of them up. Otherwise this is our lot.


Dembele wasn’t in training and Dortmund can’t reach him.


dislike poor professionalism


Barça and Madrid battling for him. Bartomeu will be a dead man walking if he let’s Madrid get in before him.


says that Dembele’s transfer to Barca is imminent and being finalized, quite reliable from what I gather.


Barça source saying no agreement is done between the two yet:

And Sky Sports in Germany saying Dembele is on his way to Barcelona:

The joys of the transfer window :joy::joy:


In the real world, when you get a new job you’re supposed to at least notify your current employers first!

Then again, he could have just done a Ross McCormack and locked himself inside his own home…


Ffs, Dembele has only been there one season!



When believing your own hype goes a little bit wrong :giroud:


Outstanding :boom: