Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


They are fine at the back, tbh. They need a midfield and a striker.


I remember how good he was at Blackburn, we should be bidding for him really


I’m seeing Spurs fans all in panic all over my timeline, I think it’s Danny Rose LOOOOL


Saw the comments no previous medals or trophies and knew it was a spud instanstly


Cant be Sanchez. I’m guessing it’s Coutinho or a Spurs player. Lolpool haven’t brought in many players or won any silverware recently, the scum fit in those parameters as well. I have a feeling it’s Deli Alli. He seems like an asshole who thinks a lot more of himself than he should.


Yeah that gives it away. Can’t be a player from any other club in the top 6, has to be a spurs one surely


I hate you.


Apparently Rose has alluded to his desire to move in a recent radio interview so most Spurs fans are convinced it’ll be him.


It’s The Sun so that rules out any Liverpool players – unless they have a death wish. Has to be a Spurs player, Danny Rose seems the best bet as he has been linked to other clubs, but I’d love it if it was Dele Alli!


The concerns are valid tbh. This is arguably Spurs best 11 in decades they should capitalise and improve especially since every club around them is improving with big deals


I hope it’s Kane.


Our dithering and penny pinching with outgoings is getting ridiculous. We have at least seven first team players that have zero future with the club and they’re all still on our books (Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenks, Gabriel, Lucas, Akpom, and Campbell). That’s without even getting into the other players that a smart manager would be looking to sell and improve on (Wilshire, Welbz, Coq, etc). lists 32 first team players, and that doesn’t even count young guys likely to get a look in cup games like AMN, Nelson, etc. The size of the squad is just stupid.




“International ace” isn’t a term I’d use for a defender. Or an Englishman.


If I was Wenger id troll Harry Kane and get him to switch to being a Gooooner again :joy::joy:


Alli? :santi2:


I hope it turns out to actually be two or three of the cunts.


There we go

Last season Spurs had quite comfortably the best fullback pairing in the league (although Rose had his fitness issues), likely to lose both the same summer :laughing:


I hope united buy him cos I’m fully convinced he’s actually not that good and just lucked out with poch and their set up.


If true, he’s in a for rude awakening when no one comes in for him.

No one’s paying Walker money for him, Spuds is his level and even then he’s lucky he’s there.