Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Holy crap if true… the sheer amount of money would be insane.


Don Balon level.


FFP my ass :xhaka:



Shick and Icardi. Not bad at all.


What a Schick deal for Inter.

Defenders all over Italy will be going into Icardiac arrest at this news.


Assuming his heart condition isn’t too serious then? Missed opportunity for Juve.



Linked to Juventus but he’d suit Chelsea well IMO


Is this guy really sick?


Watford using Football Manager to announce their latest signing. :joy: The creative ways clubs are announcing signings this summer lol


Oh man I thought it was Theo Walcott until I saw determination of 15.



N’Zonzi has had a hell of a come up. Went from a fringe player at Stoke to having a 40M release clause on his head and being linked with Juve. Dreams do come true.



He was Stoke’s best player lol.


In hindsight? Not when he was there.


He was! They miss him big time and still haven’t replaced him.


It’s all hindsight. When he was there he was underutilized and unappreciated. It wasn’t until he left Stoke that people really saw how good he was. Even the article is guilty of having that same hindsight.


You called him a fringe player these stats aren’t fringe player status…

2014/15 - 38 League appearances

2013/14 - 34 League appearances

2012/13 - 35 League appearances


You got me there. Looks like Fringe player was a bit harsh. But the overall point I was making still stands.