Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Get the f*ck on with it then, AW/Gaz… time is ticking… a few points could be decisive and I feel that Chelsea will stumble a tiny bit compared to last year’s points tally.


If we drop points in the first few games we can’t blame it on the squad not being complete iMO


Can we blame it on Wenger instead? :smile:


Well hopefully we won’t have to will we



That’s a Wenger maxim if there ever was one.


Better than yours which seems to be the opposite


Nah I still hope, difference is I’d rather hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Conversely, Wenger hopes for the best and fails to prepare for the worst or in our case the expected, something that has been a recurring theme for well over a decade.


Depends on your definition of “the worst” I guess, as the closest we’ve come to that is missing out on top 4 last season imo and as long as we get back in this season it will be irrelivent

If for you “the worst” is simply just not being the very very best you will be eturnally disapointed


People really need to manage expectations with transfer windows better tbh.


You do realise for about 13 years now we’ve always gone into a season being one or two players away form having a much better squad. Whether it was a goalkeeper, a defensive midfielder, a new striker or a new centre back - we are virtually always short.

We definitely all expected a better transfer window than the one where we signed only one outfield player.

We definitely all expected a better transfer window than last year where we literally made a panic buy in Perez and signed Mustafi for the exact same fee he was available for at the start of the summer.

We don’t need to manage our expectations better. This is yet another season where we will go into the first game with a squad which clearly needs strengthening and is also carrying way too much dead weight.

We aren’t expecting a Manchester City style sign loads of players for big money kind of summer but at least address key issues in the squad more convincingly and at least look like you have a plan.


We are running out of time again :grimacing:


Everything you have just said would suggest to me thay you need to manage expectations better. :sweat_smile:


But then you give in to the dark side and just give up… :grinning:

We must have hope (despite all the evidence piling up to the contrary) that some day it will actually happen and we will see 2 or 3 windows strung together that truly move us towards titles…


Law is Chelsea’s Ornstein

Aurier’s a bit of a nutter but very good RB. VVD would be class at Chelsea aswell


Maybe you’re right lol.


Fucking Debuchy…


We do fall significantly short of a the expectations a super club like Arsenal should set though. I agree with you the that hysteria of the transfer window is over the top but it’s part of the entertainment as fans we indulge in.

There’s nothing wrong with serious, timely and effective player acquisition. We come across as seriously disorganized at times, like when we send on 11 players with no captain or fail to put into play effective research prior to a big game.

All these things together are symptoms of a larger problem under Wenger’s recent reign, and perhaps stemming back to even his earlier tenure. However, back then they were masked by exceptional players in every position and leaders among men.


@SRCJJ @Castiel dont get me wrong. I talk a good talk but i know just as well as you two thay we don’t cut the mustard at a great many things. Transfer windows being right up there… and it pisses me off.

I was telling people not to long ago that i thought Mbappe was coming here ffs. So I’m just as guilty of not managing expectations, but its still worth chiming in with those words when I don’t get caught up in the excitement/hysteria of transfers and take an objective look at it all.

Seri and VVD being two I now truely think havent got a hope in hell of happening. Senior depth and the latest generation of youth added to the first team would indicate in midfield especially that acquisitions are only happening if we sell proactively, which… lol



I think some people had hope that missing the top 4 was going to make us more robust in the transfer window, but deep down I think those same people really expected it to be same old same old.


BBC David, we badly need your updates! :santi: