Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)


Ok bye then enough talk leave already.


the board dont give a fuck about us, as long as they can divvy up the cash at the end of the season they could not care less

that’s the only conclusion you can draw because anyone who’s anyone can see we have a squad full oif utter dross but there is absolutely no plan to correct it

sick of it, fucking nearly 60 years supporting the club never felt so dejected


Yeah, who gives about Arsenal, shit losing team, with a senile retarded manager.


You’re still here?


I still follow football :wink:


By follow your mean mindlessly report the scores on OA to possibly 3 people who give a shit? :joy: :ok_hand:


Ask for my ban, then.


Can’t wait until this time next week when GFI and A4TT are best buds again.


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Seriously though, enough of the playground arguing or take it to PM.


Castiel liking both their posts like


Only positive was Aaron Ramsey. He looks really good.

Wenger just doesn’t have it in him to do what it takes to construct a team that can really compete for the league title - which means spending money and being ruthless with players. You have two LBs starting at CB (and Kos is the only CB unavailable so how does that happen?), then you have a LWB who can’t cross with his left foot because both Ox and Bellerin need to be shoehorned into the team, then you have a player like Welbeck being our first backup to the front three and that player obviouvly isn’t nearly good enough, etc. And of course the contract situation hasn’t put Alexis or Ozil in position to focus on football and succeed.

Wenger should have been fired a few months ago and this is the result.


Wenger isn’t asked to win the league so he doesn’t give a fuck about losing to Stoke. For him shit happens. Image Mourinho losing to Stoke.


Thought Ramsey was poor everywhere else except the final third. Vacates too much space in a midfield two.

The 3 CB system isn’t working, I think we’re better off switching to a 3 man midfield for better structure and organization


Ramsey looked great, c’mon. Whether the system works or not, or whether he vacates too much space (might be, but Özil or a non-shit version of Welbeck could always drop into the space he vacates), you have to admit he looked quite good, aside from a couple of over-direct balls into the box.


This is Theresa May calling a snap election all over again


Xhakas clueless attempt in the centre of the field before their goal…with Özil out of the equation he should have fallen back. Leaving the three CDs totally exposed for a 3v3 with a passive Monreal… Was he trying to get Jesé offside? Clueless and brain dead defending.

We’ve had the whole summer to actually train playing with a back three. Just cos it worked in the end of last season (although we were very lucky then), doesn’t mean the work is done. Shambles.


Could’ve used a better analogy as Mourinho didn’t beat Stoke last season


This is exactly how I think and feel. It’s not the right time to be completely concerned imo, but I get hate for saying that :thinking:


Wenger keeps picking a fucked side. Xhaka is trash he needs to be gone. I guess it’s true we probably need a cb looking at how bad we are without Kosh.


Ramsey looked a big goal threat to me, moreso than the forwards infront of him really. If it’s truly the case that Xhaka is being made to look bad by Ramsey’s attacking runs then I’d probably be up for finding a new Xhaka I guess…conditional on Ramsey staying at a certain level. Xhaka has never had the biggest engine