Stan Kroenke


Latest from the petition, looks like they’re trying to remove as little content as possible from MyOutdoorTV, shocker :roll_eyes:


It’s funny how we wanted Kroenke out because he wouldn’t back Wenger with the cash. Now that we’re spending cash, we want Kroenke out because…? He won’t sack Wenger…?

I’m guessing if he was Abramovich and we’d just won the league with King Conte, 75000 wouldn’t want him to leave because some smalltime shit that he probably doesn’t even touch is doing some shady shit.


Is it Kroenke’s cash we’re spending all of a sudden then? :thinking:


Exactly, if he was putting his hand in his own pocket, your analogy would work :slight_smile:


Are we still having this stupid conversation about whether we operate at a loss or not?

FFS he is not using Arsenal as a cash cow and AFC, while a cool, famous, and big investment, isn’t all that great when you look at ROI in terms of its value delta when bought by Kroenke and today… the math has been done… we are looking at annual rate of return less than 15% when most hedge funds strive for 20+%…

Like him, don’t like him, whatever… he is a hands-off (footballing-wise) owner who hasn’t saddled the club with his own debt or taken out any money from our profits/revenue.

Really the most non-issue issue of all time.


If anything I thought Arsenal fans would value the fact that we’re an entirely self contained and distinct entity.



If this has already been posted somewhere then please remove.


why bother, these are fucking dumb…you can send in 10,000,000 signatures if he doesnt wanna go what difference will it make!


I agree.
A businessman like Kroenke couldn’t care less what people think of him.
He is making a fortune out of the supporters and that is the only thing he cares about.
He also proves that he doesn’t care about the reputation of the club.
As an owner and a person he is a disgusting specimen, like a leech or parasite.


Yeah why bother doing anything that takes 30 seconds of ones precious time.
I was not aware of his involvement in this, so it was more of an informative post.


He is a massive fucking thundercunt for doing that.

Hope the he gets called out for it next time he is at an Arsenal game


Why is the petition addressed to Chips Keswick as if he has any ability to do anything about anything Kroenke decides?

Also, I thought Kroenke had directed the channel to remove the trophy hunting content. Not that that makes him less of a dick for promoting it in the first place, but what really are people hoping would happen other than that?


That petition premise looks like it was written by a aggrieved 10 year old.


Has a petition actually ever worked in the history of petitions?


^^ short answer? Yes! Of course

Don’t underestimate people power, or the value of bad public relations as it essentially boils down to

Go on a site like avaaz or and see some of their successes, both big and small


Indeed, petitions can work when they are thought through properly, have a reasonable objective and crucially will have a bearing on the thinking of whomever the target is.

As I said above, I’m sure Kroenke has already instructed the removal of the trophy hunting content. That’s as much as can be reasonably hoped for. A petition that is asking someone with no power to remove the owner of the club would just make me laugh if I were Stan Kroenke.


He’s at 162,000 supporters/signees. What’s the plan when it hits 200k/300k? Email chips a link to it? Print off a copy of the names and post it to the club? I guess thats the bit I don’t understand about online petitions. I know there’s a govt one where of you hit 100k it gets discussed at a committee or something to that effect but with something like this one I just don’t understand the end game. For the most part I think people do them to win internet points in their own minds.


It’s an easy way of data collection :+1:



I wonder if some kind of fan boycott would maybe make kroenke and co to react.

Not attending the games, not buying shirts and other merchendise could be a good way to say we ve had enough of this.

I am from Croatia and i support Hajduk Split, we havent won the league since 2005 ( Can i pick a club to support :smile: ) however the fans have been fighting corrupted board for the last 10 years, last 3 years the fans have bought a large part of the club and socios model has been installed.

I think British Arsenal fans need to take more radical approach to catalyze the change.