Stan Kroenke



You mean like you yesterday vs your backtracking this morning vs subsequent getting back onboard the ‘hypocrisy everywhere!’ train ? :laughing: Love it


My stance has remained consistent, my approach to communicating it less so, not sure why you would think reflection is ever a bad thing tbh.

But fair enough.


Killing animals for food is nowhere near as important as killing a lion for instagram photo purposes. Likes feed this world not food on the dinner table. You guys are monsters.


Goes on a rant about Kroenke and his TV channel and ends it with Usmanov in :joy:


Good lad :+1: 'cept maybe the last few seconds





Amazing response tbh. 10,000 in such a short time frame. Can’t get my head around how it ever got allowed in the first place.


Won’t achieve anything but the sentiment is nice


Kroenke is an idiot


Wouldn’t mind his money though…and Arsenal football club. :giroud3:


I suppose he’s not so much an ‘idiot’ (he’s using us as a cash cow after all) as he is a ‘nob’ bit I didn’t want to get banned from the site for using foul and abusive language ahead of the new season…


Fuck that noise, you swear and you swear good.


Just don’t use too much of it against other members and you’ll be grand. :smiley:


And even then there’s a fair amount of leeway :smile:



Good man Stan.


Reluctantly compelled to forgo profit from killing endangered species. Legend.


Would be good now if Apple / Google stopped making this channel available in their App stores, as I’m sure MyOutdoorTV’s operators will attempt to backtrack on this or at least skirt around what constitutes ‘endangered’ once the fuss has died down.

Any excess publicity for something so inherently unnecessary needs to be exploited to target the private reserves that promote this activity and st the very least shine a light on their claims that it helps finance conservation in the long term.