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I’m very torn with regards to hunting, As long as it’s for population control or meat I’m pretty much in favour of it and would actually like to give it a go but I’m 100% against hunting indangered animals obviously

How do the people that are totally against hunting feel about fishing?


I’d argue factory farming was much worse than killing an endangered species.


If their is a form of factory farming that has no ill affect on the quality of the meat/eggs/milk that come out at the end then I’m fully in favour of it myself


I think upon reflection i have bit a tad unforgiving here. my apologies folks.


Should hunt trophies, instead of animals. cnut.


Arseblog with the perfect summation of this hunting malarkey


So eating meat for sustenance is the same as killing endagered species to feel like a big man? Got you.


I think this is BS. Load of people think there is a tangible association this with Arsenal FC


I was talking about on here. I assumed your post was aimed at people in this thread, I don’t use twitter really so I’m not aware of what’s being said on there.


Fair. In my OP i wasn’t refering to OA alone


That is also fair :handshake:


Hunting is not a disgrace. It is the fact to put in on a TV show.


What about fishing shows?


Just read that Arseblog post on it and for me, it is a fair summary. ‘Boycotting Arsenal’ is both unrealistic and unnecessary, we’ll just have to hope that the channel fails of its own accord through lack of subscribers, particularly here in the U.K. Sadly I doubt that will be the case, i think enough people are at best unaware of how little benefit trophy hunting actually is for conservation efforts.

Wealthy westerners are willing to pay a lot of money to see these animals alive, it’s just a shame a few of the mega rich can’t overcome their primeval urge to see them dead. Meanwhile big game shooting operators in South Africa, Zimbabwe etc are content to hide behind the cover of employing a few anti poachers to patrol their death parks and claim they’re actively contributing to conservation efforts. Sad.


Killing is killing. The conditions animals we farm for food live in are truely nightmarish. You obviously don’t realise the extent of how disturbing it is. It’s a weird double standard tbh.


Surely there’s better sport on the council estates of this country. Surplus to requirements.
Some may not use and know better than to connect him and Arsenal(same as a terrorist wearing an Arsenal shirt) but others already have.
And this c7nt…popping us while promoting some bird he fancys…also KP is mates with a big game hunter…


Well there you go, you’re comparing completely different issues of the ignorance of the public about where their food comes from and condoning killing of animals for nothing other than an ego boost. I’m sure if people truly knew what went on in the food industry they’d be outraged about that too.

But I don’t know why they have to viewed in the same context tbh. It’s kind of like saying being in the army and being a serial child killer is the same because it’s all killing humans.


Merely pointing out the hypocrisy in getting high and mighty about killing an animal, when our food, clothes etc come from the same thing i.e. killing or exploiting animals.

It shouldn’t be a case of ‘oh this instance of animal cruelty doesn’t suit me or benefit me so I’m going to pick this to be annoyed about’. Be consistent.

Also, a civilian killing a child and a soldier killing a soldier are not at all the same, or comparative here (though many would argue against that too). Dumbed down, sure, fundamentally killing is killing, but soldiers sign up for that, children don’t.


Bloody hell, this guy. I’m taking my ‘Like’ back, metaphorically at least


Calm down. :smile: