Stan Kroenke


The issue with Stan is that his primary motivator isn’t on pitch success (or lack of…).

For a club thats been seen as underperforming since day 1 of his time at the helm, it should be obvious why fans dont like him.


Kroenke. Major cunt, then.




Read the article and you might find out


He’s a cunt because he owns a TV channel dedicated to hunting? You realise kronke didn’t say anything about killing elephants don’t you?


He’s supporting the practise, one might surmise, by virtue of backing the channel launch. He is, indisputably, a monstrous cunt.


I do hope the people in protest are vegans.


^ An able demonstration of why seeking hypocrisy in every situation just doesn’t work :laughing:


I’m not saying he isn’t a cunt, don’t think their are many billionaires out heir I wouldn’t class as cunts, my issue is the amount of people that will see that headline and think Stan kronke loves killing baby elephants

Any journalists/editor that has anything to do with this type of journalism is also a cunt




It obviously doesn’t affect Arsenal in the slightest.

I’d be willing to bet that the people raising an objection are doing so because they have a problem with the idea of hunting for sport/murdering endangered species, not because they think it affects Arsenal at all.

I also think it’s OK for people on a forum to offer an opinion without being told “if you don’t like it don’t subscribe”, otherwise we might as well do away with negative opinions full stop if the answer is for people to avoid and not talk about things they dislike.

@Oliver you don’t have to be a vegan to have an objection to people slaughtering endangered species, I’m with @Robin_L on this one


I’m a pro hunting meat eater, but even I have to draw a line at televising the killing of an endangered animal (if that indeed is the case).


I don’t think you know what you’re talking about here, either before you edited your post or in the 10 minutes since, when you’ve managed to come up with that completely shit non-response.

Go find out what the IUCN red list is, give your head a shake and then stop trying to be smart with asinine posts about meat eaters and ethical hypocrisy. :+1:


Yeah who really wants justice in society what a crazy idea


So, killing animals is okay, just as long as we dont run out of said animal, and can keep killing it for all of eternity.

Got it.

Of course this is distasteful and not pleasant to hear about. But people getting up in arms about the death of animals when they invest a ton of money that goes towards the slaughter of others just seems a tad too much for me.

As I said; SJW’s need to pipe down and reflect on the impact of their own lifestyle habits before deciding Kroenke is bad for what is actually quite similar.


Perhaps they have reflected on their lifestyles, realised that their lifestyle doesn’t endanger entire species, and then decided it’s OK to condemn practices which do.

Your obsession with labelling people as being SJWs is weird. If the people criticising Kroenke and this channel actually were vegans and explained why you’d still dismissively label them as being SJWs


I dread to think what other forums mr red pill frequents lol


I squished a mosquito the other day, better cancel my subscription to the WWF before Big Spuds finds out


A simple concept really, but obviously one few people would agree with.

I implore you all to review where your eggs, bacon and sausages come from before deciding shooting elephants is crossing some sort of line.


Killing animals pointlessly for ‘trophy hunting’, regardless if you eat meat or not, is simply cruel and barbaric and I can’t understand why anyone would decide to broadcast those kinda things on a channel, he doesn’t exactly endear himself to anyone as it is.