Stan Kroenke


It seems to be a case of blaming the phantom hiding in the shadows.

Plenty of managers would love his hands off style of ownership, he doesn’t meddle anywhere close to some other owners/Presidents.

Kroenke is far from great or ideal, however, Wenger has been backed with money and the results are the same if not worse. Put a top tier manager at the club and there would be definite change regardless of whether Kroenke is the owner or not.


I agree it’s not Kroenke at all its the fucking manager. All this shit about them being there for money is all crap all of these billionaire owners are there for money or glory or both. Abramovich seems different but is he really, he has got his special money laundering service set up from them a huge debt that they WILL have to pay back meanwhile he has a safe haven in London and somewhere to put his dirty money whilst he builds the club and revenues and then it’s all his whilst Chelsea still owe him the money they have accrued as debt.

People want Usmanov, but yet fucking complain about the paltry 3m Kroenke takes out…Usmanov wanted dividends and that would be a large chunk going out to shareholders but people complain about Kroenke taking a pissingly little amount to pay for media etc. They are all in it for money, the spuds are doing well at the moment because they stumbled on a half decent manager by luck. Before Poch what were the spuds fans complaining about ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh LEVY leave our fucking club always selling our top players to Manu etc always being cheap on transfer etc fuck him. Manu with those 2 fucking leeches they were so pissed off because they live off the club but when they were winning it didn’t matter too much now they are not the murmuring is starting again. It’s not the owners (in our case might be a bit because they don’t have the balls to tell Wenger his time is done) it’s more the impatience of not going anywhere fast.


I can’t help but go back and forth on Kroenke.

While it’s no secret all his North American clubs are shit, and he doesn’t care about winning, the people actually operating those clubs fire coaches all the time if it’s warranted, because they do want to win. Jeff Fisher didn’t even finish the Rams first season in LA because their fans sent a loud and clear message, and that was “if this shit continues, you’ll be playing in a half empty stadium.” Same with the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche of the NHL. Arsenal supporters will not do that.

There’s another big difference: in all the three cases of the Rams, Avalanche and Nuggets, there’s a General Manager who is higher up on the food chain than the head coach that usually fires the head coach. If the GM starts to slip, a president or CEO is usually there to pull the trigger on him. In Arsenal’s case, who would dare put Wenger on a hot seat, let alone step up and sack him? He answers to no one because he has the board wrapped around his finger. If the board wanted a change, one would have happened already. Arsene calls the shots, and he has no one to hold him accountable.


He has a moustache and people don’t trust people with moustaches. Or something like that.


Well some of history greatest monster had moustaches like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and Chaplin.


What do you expect from a team who’s superstar players are Tim Howard and Kevin Doyle.


Not really Kroenke’s fault. Gazidis is more at fault here than anyone.


Apart from Wenger.


I’m not really gonna blame anyone though until Wenger signs on again. I think it was a perfectly justifiable move to give Wenger a contract in 2014, even though you feel he might have been losing his edge maybe you reward him for years of service. Now though, he definitely should be made to step down.


What i’ve got from this thread is that Kroenke is bad because some Yank teams are struggling and Wenger is still our manager.


Stan Kroenke is an absolute cockwomble!


“A spokesman for MOTV defended the programmes that will make up its coverage, and claimed that it will only show “ethical hunts”.”


Plz die soon wiggy :crossed_fingers:


Was just about to post exactly the same link. This is guy that owns our club :angry:

Really can’t see the argument that this man is a saint compared to Usmanov :disappointed:


If I had to chose between a rapist and someone that injoys hunting I’m still going with the hunter sorry

Not that I have any love for kronke


Stan out, I want the russian who is close friend to a guy who treats human like the Stan TV show treat the animals.


Oh certainly Usmanov is not a guy you’d want to own your club. It’s not really much of choice to have mind.


How does this affect Arsenal? If it doesn’t i’m not really bothered tbh.

His decision to renew Wenger’s contract is a much bigger outrage for me

As far as the channel and it’s content goes, If you don’t like it don’t subscribe.


Bring in the Bond villain. And please let him have a white fluffy cat.

Don’t care about the channel. Much ado about nothing.


Just when you think your opinion of a person can’t go any lower, he says this.


He didn’t say it. He owns the channel where some guy says it on some show.