Scum thread


I don’t understand why these guys want to leave? Aside from obviously being spurs and hating them and being embarrassing blah blah blah, rivalry aside… What better options would players like Dier, Walker and Rose have?


I reckon one of the full backs could get picked by someone like Citeh on a higher wage.


I mean, Dier isn’t even much of a loss is he? He got hyped last season and even then I didn’t think he was particularly special, and this season Wanyama has impressed in midfield and Toby and Vertonghen have had the centre back positions locked down? I thought he’d played a lot less than last season but after checking wiki he’s only played ten fewer games this season, so maybe he’d be a bigger miss than I’d thought.

Previously rumours have suggested that United would be looking to spend £40m on him, if I were Spurs I’d bite their hands off. Similarly with Walker. Trippier already looks to have the faith of the manager and seems to fit their system well. The one they should try hardest to keep is Rose imo.

Edit: @Cristo I would think that their options would be the Manchester clubs, City for the two full backs and United for Dier. Despite Spurs being better atm you can totally see why a player would take the Manc money and still feel it’s pretty likely they’ll taste big success there before Spurs.


Yeah that does make sense, and I suppose United could use a holding player a la Dier in midfield.

City are desperate for full backs and there’s not a huge market for them right now, so they probably wouldn’t be able to do much better than Rose and Walker anyway.


It’s not the players, it’s the manager.
I rate Pochettino as the best manager in the PL, simply because he has transformed spurs into a title challenging team since he has been there, in a very short space of time, and with very little spending compared to the other top clubs.

I just hope one of europe’s elite clubs recognise his talent and he goes somewhere else…


Cant see any of their players ‘wanting’ to leave just for the sake of it. There has to be a reason behind it like being courted by bigger clubs. They’ve a good setup there with a good manager in charge and are about to finish in their highest league position in Prem history.

Walker to City keeps being banded around. Makes sense when Zabaleta is leaving and also helps City adhere to the homegrown quota.


At last the Sun doing to them what they and the mirror have done to us for years… Destabilise the cunts… FOYS


You lot reckon the scum beat leicester tonight? I need to bet 20 pounds of bonus money on something.


51 goals for Kane across the last two seasons :cech: I hope Barcelona or Real Madrid fancy an impulse buy this Summer, ala Bale style, regardless whether they need him or not. Just weaken the fuckers please :gunnersaurus:


Can you imagine Kane going abroad though? He struggles enough with the English language and probably couldn’t even point out Spain on a map!


[quote=“Phoebica, post:613, topic:135”]
He struggles enough with the English language and probably couldn’t even point out Spain on a map!
[/quote]He’ll fit right in with the majority of English expats in Spain then :wenger:


Without a doubt Kane is one of the best strikers in the world. Incredible scorer of goals.


Unless you’re predicting next season, it’ll just be 2 in a row, right? Aguero won it in 2015


He did!

I thought he got it in 2014/15 as well lol


Just an Arsenal reject.



Only footballing legends win it 3 years in a row :henry2:


Kane the bastard took a 2 month holiday and will end up winning the golden boot…again.



Harry Kane is an absolute predator and this mob have a GD of +54.


HurriKane Harry


To go out and thrash another PL team when it makes no difference to their league position shows what Pochettino is all about.

If he can keep Kane, Ali, Eriksson and most of their defence, and strengthen in the transfer window, they will be challenging for the title next season as well.