Scum thread




Ah, the good old WHL pillars…


Gotta love Podi :poldi:


Podolski is a fucking legend


It’s worth getting a new stadium just to not sit behind one of those.

They’re going on about leaving their clapped out old stadium like it was some sort of architecturally stunning building, and It’s not as if they won loads of titles there.
The last time they won the League it was filmed and photographed in black and white.


haha love how much Poldi still loves Arsenal, a true gooner


I prefer to see him as a PR machine rather than a true Gooner.


I like his character and personality in these modern days of Aaron Ramsey-drone speak

People who have a PR person run their Twitter account etc.


Post of the year!


I must admit I watched the ex legends walking on to the pitch purely to see the great man Pat Jennings.
A true club legend to both the spuds and The Arsenal .


are Spurs going to be at wembley for just one season while the new ground is sorted?


Scruffy scummy cunts :joy: :joy: :joy:


Inter want Pochettino. Please, make it happen :giroud2:


the current Inter would be a massive drop down on Spurs


It would be great.
But I can’t see him leaving the PL unless he was wanted by one of the top European clubs.
It would be interesting to see if one of the big clubs in the PL like Man City Man U or Chelsea came in for him, whether he would be tempted by them.

He has proved he is a top manager, so let’s hope spurs are just a stepping stone to him, before he goes to a bigger club.


There’s one thing about their move , it won’t take too many blokes to move trophy cabinet , it’s that light to pick up but the hardest thing will be trying to find it .


I know where it is.
Just look for the biggest pile of dust.
It’ll be under there.


It’s The Sun yes but still :coq:

Please happen sick of these cunts having a good team


I feel exactly the same mate but what we really should be sick at is us having a poor team, worse manager, and the worst board.


Many of these players who will leave will be massively exposed at other clubs. The system is highly beneficial to people like Rose and Walker who are otherwise very unspectacular full backs.