Scum thread


As much as I like him as a player, I find him unlikable as a person.
Also, because he came from spurs I never really consider him to be Arsenal, but more a mercenary, and some of the things he has said to the media, not just about football, makes me think he is not particularly likeable.

Saying that, he was part of the greatest team we have had, so I have a lot of admiration for him as a player.

It’s only my personal opinion but a few of my Arsenal supporting mates feel the same.
As for my spurs supporting mates, they won’t even mention his name, which is funny.



They say they dont care but they will definately be naming the day now… Fucking wankers… TShirts and mugs on the way…


Levy isnt taking it well


Only piece of the puzzle left is for us to win the FA Cup to take any joy away from their best season in decades.


Yeah no matter how many cracks it papers over here, it will cause even more cracks to them.


Look how gutted they are :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



That would be a handy pisspot when I go out to the cabin this weekend.


In a season with so little to cheer about as an Arsenal fan, can trust Spurs to give us something to smile about. Another season of so close but yet so far. It was always going to be difficult for them to catch Chelsea but for them to have lost it like this for a second season running, that’s got to raise questions about their mental strength and fighting spirit and all that shit that Arsene loves to rant about. I mean, had they gone to the end of the season, winning all their games, that would have still been something to be proud of but to throw in the towel like this, it’s just not good enough. Will they still be the darlings of the media now that it’s happened again?

Also, unless they win the league next season which is going to be harder than ever with City and United doing everything in the summer to ensure the title goes their way, they might just end up as the most talented team never to have won anything. Another season of this and I bet they will lose most of their big players.


Not so sure about this. They were basically chasing a team that looked impossible to catch for at least 4 months now, maybe longer. They went on a winning run that was only bettered by Chelsea and in any other season a team going on that type of run this late will probably take home the title. I don’t think they have any question mark over their mentality this time round, they’ve lost a game and the impossible target they were chasing has indeed proved impossible.

The stories written when Chelsea wrap up the title will be about their dominance and nothing else, and rightly so.


This year has nothing to do with mental strength, they had won 9 league games on the bounce so history suggests your going to drop one very soon.


They were 4 points behind Chelsea, with a chance to make it a 1 point gap, which would have been the closest they have gotten to the leaders. No matter how comfortable Chelsea look at the top, a 1 point gap would definitely put pressure on them and Spurs couldn’t manage that. And it wasn’t like they lost to United or City, it was West Ham who have had a poor season. So I do think they messed it up.

As for their winning run, I don’t think it matters if that would have won them the title in another season. What matters is what happened this season. I am not taking anything away from them for how long they managed to chase Chelsea but once again, they were the ones to blink first and not the team they were chasing.


Chelsea blinked about 2-3 times in the past 10 games, how do you think the gap went from 12 points to 4 ?


I’m not going to spend any more of my Saturday talking nice about Spurs and while I see what you’re saying I basically just don’t agree, they gave it all they had and it wasn’t enough. I’d rather that be the truth anyway as opposed to them having the ability but messing it up.


Hope Spurs bottling it again is gonna give our players a big boost ahead of the F.A. Cup final. We need to win more trophies than them again.


Why would it boost us? We are 6th they are 2nd and they aren’t in the final


hard not to tbh. Great footballer, but an absolute twat of a man


We can win one more trophy than Spurs :wink: