Scum thread


its not the players it the manager. We have a far superior squad to spurs on paper, but we have a wank manager that cannot even get 1/10th of their skillset out them, that is why we look so poor in comparison. If someone told me we would have ozil and sanchez in our team etc but would be raped by the spuds i would laugh and say you’re dreaming…its not our team its our shit management and no one seems to know their jobs and we cant attack properly nor can we defend and our midfield looks lost…thats not a team thats a fucking farse!


I’m not sure that we do to be honest.


I suppose what’s an interesting question is, send Wenger to Tottenham next year and we take Poch, what do you think happens ?


Have to agree with Cristo here sadly.


Not much, it is gonna take a season i reckon to get rid of the shit way we play and get the new coaches tactics fully instilled


I reckon Wenger would dismantle Tottenham’s well organised/ structured system though :joy:


Do we?

From the back 5 positions only Bellerin and Koscielny would have a shout of getting into a joint team and Bellerin is a mile away on current form.

If Cazorla is officially past it then Dembele, Dier and Wanyama shits on any combination we can come up with in midfield.

Sanchez is probably a better footballer than Kane but in terms of effectiveness as a number 9 then it’s not really an important difference and then if it’s down to Ozil, Walcott and Welbeck vs Eriksen, Alli and Son then I’d take theirs over ours and that’s not just on a purple patch of form under a great coach.


Recency bias ITT


They might have finished above us last season, but realistically they were the better team, and this season they have overtaken us by some margin.

I fully expect Pochettino to strengthen in this transfer window and mount a real challenge for the PL title.

It’s a shame we don’t have a manager who is as good at organising a team and who is as good at getting the best out of his players as they do.

I said it last season, and still believe it this season, Pochettino is the best manager in the PL.
He is everything Wenger used to be, but isn’t any more.


Is it recency or trending? I think the squads are probably pretty close, personally… but I think a lot of people who downplay their team are underrating their players. It isn’t just Poch, although obviously he is making big difference.


As it stands right now there a nearly team. Nothing more than that.


I think a lot of their players would have been quite good for us at the time they signed, just slightly below what we needed, but that they’ve certainly been improving more than our players and closed that gap.


Spurs shouldn’t be held at the same standard as us, City, United or Chelsea. They simply aren’t from the same level/stature. I know their fans want to believe so and keeping them at that standard makes it easy to mock them (2 league cups in 26 years blablabla). But regardless of that, this season, what they are about to achieve is huge for a club like that.


Fully agree - they are a big step below us financially and in terms of club stature internationally… having said that, if I was a young exciting player who wanted to develop and grow right now it isn’t 100% us all over them like it was 10-15 years ago… frankly playing under Poch with that system and that group of young players would be very exciting, especially now that they are in the CL 2 years in a row.



That’s some sort of company that Harry Kane has joined.


Yeh as much love as Poch gets as some sort of mastermind, having a player like that among your ranks certainly makes your job a hell of a lot easier.


They are having a very good season but if they crash out the cup and finish 7 to 10 points behind in the title it falls short of any real meaning for me. A bit like all our top 4 finishes you still have a fair way to go to 3stablishing yourself from contenders to champions.
Your still going to be under pressure from 3 money clubs and holding on to your top players. You also have Liverpool not far behind them now and hopefully changed Arsenal chasing stronger next year.
Lets see how they deal with expectation in both comps in the next few weeks before we give them too much credit.
Lets not forget their very poor showing in the champions league.


In the current environment it is hard to break into the top four for a club of that stature. For teams like Everton and Tottenham Hotspur its a huge accomplishment to fight for the 2nd place in a season like this. There is really no need to play that down.

For me success in the cup is not a bench mark for anything. I’ve said it when it comes to us when we won it in 14 and 15 and don’t know why I should hold them, or any other club, accountable for cup achievements.


People are still talking about spurs as if they are not going to keep this form up.
Since Pochettino arrived there, he has transformed them into a formidable team, capable of mounting a serious challenge for the PL, certainly more than we are.

Considering the size and budget of spurs, Pochettino has done an amazing job.
Also, when his best players are injured, like Kane has been recently, they still play well and win convincingly.

They have very good young players, a great manager, and a board willing to support him.

We are the opposite.
We have an old manager, very few young players, and an owner who has no interest in the club, from a footballing point of view, whatsoever.