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Maybe he’ll put some ambition into us.


We’re not for sale so its pretty irrelevant.


Eduardo “How dare you be that good” Da Silva leaves Shakhtar again.





Put that fool on blast tho.


I’d take him over Stan and thats with knowing very little about him. Shame that Cunt Stan won’t sell.


It’s a Saturday but there is no football. I do not like. :sob:

Decent Christmas period though, while the rest of Europe gets a break, here, from the 26th until the 4th January there is at least one Premier League game everyday (other than the 29th, but then you have Villa v Leeds, which could be decent). Party time.


Veron, 41 comes out of retirement to play for Estudiantes…Will donate wages to charity.




Dembelé golazooo in the Old Firm Derby! :clap::clap:


Do we know for sure stan wouldnt sell? Everything has a price tbh.


That’s what you get for paying to go to a match and then not even bothering to fucking watch it…the player probably kicked it at him like Cesc did to that player, just to say ‘OI WAKE UP’


AfricanFootball.com understands that there is now strong suspicion in the camp of Watford striker Isaac Success his recent injury woes may be a curse by witches black magic.


This just arrived. I had a little giggle at the Özil and Sanchez headline. Interested to know when their press day was seeing as it’s becoming increasingly obvious that they won’t be firing us to glory. Almost don’t want to read it, I know it’ll make me sad.


Spot the odd one out… QPR :joy: They are fucked if they don’t win promotion to the PL again


Why aren’t Chelsea on the list.
Surely they owe millions, even if it is to Abramovich.


Mentioned it several times on old OA, but Tony Fernandes is an absolute joke when it comes to running sports teams.

Failed miserably in F1 with his Caterham project. Tried to save money to put towards QPR by selling his team (which went bust months later) and even then to have that kinda debt for a Championship side is absolutely ludicous.

Can’t help but think whenever he does finally fuck off, they’ll be in too deep to get out of this mess and possibly drop down divisions.


The thing about the Manchester United debt is, if I’m correct, I believe because they’re on the US stock exchange their debt is tied to the dollar. So should the pound take another dive (hello March and the triggering of Article 50 :joy:), their debt will increase with it.


United’s debt could be cleared in the morning with another share issue. It’s not much of an issue for them.


Even with all that debt, they still have at least £100m more than anyone else in world football spend as they wish every season.

Can almost guarantee they break the £100m for a player barrier first.