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Team A takes one penalty, then Team B takes two in a row. Like a tennis tiebreak except you don’t have to win with 2 points :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Can’t get used to that ankle guard thingy, too gross for me.


Imagine trying to keep those fuckers clean. :smile:




Just decided what I want for my birthday



They look ridiculous.

Unless you’re one of those silver painted robot people that busk on the street for money, in which case they’d probably be a nice touch.


Anything but black shoes looked ridiculous 20 years ago. One in my team back then bought a pair of white ones. And he was bullied by the other teams and even by spectators :laughing:We, his teammates, weren’t much better though haha.
Next season half the team had coloured shoes! Now black shoes look really silly :thinking:


Mexican Female league new rules… So fucked.

> If a player gets pregnant their contract is voided.
> No social or medical security (insurance) for the players.
> Players can´t appear too masculine.
> Any case of homosexuality is strictly prohibited.
> Salary cap for players is 2500 pesos (around $140 dollars a month)


There will be a feminism article on this soo…you watch, this is like a red flag to a bull for that to happen!


What’s it got to do with feminism? Those are bullshit conditions to impose in any workplace, on anybody.


i know that, i am saying that women rights etc would be all over this in a flash also. I agree it is not right its almost barbaric i was saying stuff like this especially to feminists really makes them rage. Then again its not savory for anyone, stone age shit right there.


And rightly so. As you acknowledge yourself.


81, 92 & 87 for me


87 no doubt in my mind


Yeah, 87 for sure (88, 91, and 92 are good too), but FFS, surely there’s a better GK than Hart born in 1987?


Of course 1987 is the best :sunglasses: There are so many more names you could add to that list if it weren’t restricted to just five.


Even if Joe Hart does somewhat let that side down a bit :disappointed:


And rightly so.


I am assuming because the working conditions arent equal between men and women.