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Really sad news about Aaron Lennon.

The Daily Mail’s character assassination of him is a complete disgrace though. In the story they released to break the news they constantly mentioned he earned £55,000 a week - why does it matter what he earns? Should rich people be immune to mental illness? - and they made references to his lifestyle, such as “the flying winger, who has been known to party with TOWIE stars” and mentioned his colourful past and his argument with Liam from One Direction - I mean, WTF has that got to do with anything?! Screw you, the Daily Mail!

No wonder people, especially young men, suffer in silence.


Bang on Phoebica! :slight_smile:

Mental health issues do not discriminate they can effect anyone regardless of status and lifestyle. The guy is in the best place for him now so he can get better.

Yup. Massive problem in our society at the moment. Suicide is the biggest killer in men under the age of 45.


The Daily Mail in being cunts shocker.

Nothing about that paper surprises me.

I Wish Aaron all the best in his recovery


They’re all real pleased for Jeff’s team. :slight_smile: Proper bros.

(Merse keeps saying Rooney…It’s Rodney.)


and then Newport scored which meant Jeff’s Hartlepool were relegated.





This was Jeff 2 weeks ago on SSN calling for the club to sack the manager or for him to walk of his own free will.




That’s one way to make a bit of money! :slight_smile:

Fram Larvik, a Norwegian 3rd Division club are trying to attract members by campaigning to “Beat Bayern” to become the biggest Football Club in terms of members who currently have 300,000 registered members.

1378 have signed up so far since Monday… At €11 apiece. :giroud:



what a fucking scam!

Help us by giving us money! Fuck. Off.





What do you guys think of this? As far as the analytics go we’d be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this type of system, possibly even winning a couple extra titles over the last 25 years or so. However the playoff system renders the regular season almost useless because especially in the PL the top teams almost always finish in the top 6. Still a team like West Ham or Everton might actually have a chance of winning the whole thing every once in a while.


I haven’t read the article but I fucking hate the idea.


I actually think its the way forward as in other sports now. I use to be against this but think theres a format to be found that at least gives hope to teams from outside the big clubs hope.
At the very least im sure there will be a top 4 cup play off game soon.


Just another reason for Arsene and co not to go for the title itself…
Knew it would be Septic idea… Fuck off and leave the game alone…


This isn’t 'Murica :wink:

Ridiculous idea and would kill the league.


Theres still an exicting 3 way play off for the 4th place trophy… #Yawn.


who was the first London club to win a European trophy?


Spurs cup winners cup 1963 (sadly).