Pictures of OA members


Its years since I last posted a pic, only ever been baldy by choice :slight_smile:


I will scroll back up the page later on and see who it was :slight_smile:


the new Hulk Hogan


Nice guns!!


im in this…3 heads back from the sign blue cap


I didn’t realise your username was to be taken literally


Liguria :giroud2:


That emoji really does Liguria justice, lovely place!


Did you visit Genua as well? :slight_smile:


Wanted but couldn’t, there wasn’t enough time. Explored La Spezia though.


The Missus, the boys, and meself at Disneyland.


Thunder mountain! Nooice!!


Me and my little girl. Not the clearest of photos but I didn’t know it was being taken and quite frankly I was to busy celebrating to care!


License and registration, boy


Luke could shave in the reflection of those sunglasses.


you should grow a beard


@eszter888 gonna be frothing at the gash when she find this.


Wish I could. 5 o’clock shade is the best I can do


you have a strong jaw line so probably best you can’t grow one :slight_smile:


You smooth mofo @Cristo , nice shot mate :+1: