Petr Cech (1)


Is it though ? 34 isn’t really that old for a Goalkeeper. I think he’s just coasting along as he has done everything he needed to at Chelsea.


The thing is, despite his obvious physical advantage, he’s not saving goals that any goalkeeper worth their place in the team should get to.

Ospina had tremendous reflexes and doesn’t concede some of the soft goals Cech has let in recently.


He is now just going through the motions, sad because he was once a great keeper.


As we tried with Woj and it didn’t work out. Then we screamed for an experienced and proven GK and we got Cech. I still believe he is a very good keeper and he’s the least of our problems.


You believe a keeper that continues to concede soft goals and can’t even dive for a penalty is the least of our problems?

He could have done considerably better with both goals against City, certainly could have done better against Bournemouth last night and that’s not to mention the 4 or 5 mistakes he made last season that cost us points.

He’s slowed down dramatically. The warning signs were there for all to see in his final few seasons at Chelsea. Conceded some embarrassing goals for his country, plenty of soft goals for Chelsea and hasn’t covered himself in glory for Arsenal either.

Past his prime and needs replacing.


I think he has been poor this season

Still a good keeper but not a top keeper anymore that will win us the league


It’s tough to see him struggle like this.

He has let in some soft goals this season, more near post goals than ever, not saving any penalties, giving up penalties, bad at crosses, fluffing his hands at the ball and missing, running into his own guys in the box, not commanding his box like he once did. Even his kicks aren’t going as far as they once did.

Ospina should slot in at Preston as expected, but against Swansea. Is it a decision for Wenger to make or a bit knee jerk from us? Not sure, but the warning signs are pretty glaring.


As a 33-year old Cech was almost on the other side of the spectrum though in comparison with a 20-year old Szczesny. There is a lot of middle ground there.


Its a tough decision for Wenger to make but he wont make it

I dont know the answer to be honest. Is Martinez close to being ready? Is Ospina the long term answer? How about Pickford?

Such a tough position to get right and when we got Cech i thought that was it. Now im beginning to think the end is near


Cech’s reputation preceedes him.

As we haven’t already invested time into his development I see no need to keep him tbh.

One key asset was Szcz was going to learn from him, fuck all happened there either.


He still has one more year on his deal at 90,000-100,000 grand a week. I’m sure Arsenal would take a paltry 2-3 million transfer fee, but who wants to pay him that weekly wage? China? It’s pretty known he’s settled in London.


Just saying, 5 shots on goal for Bournemouth vs 1 for us before our 1-3 goal. Cech didn’t create those chances for Bournemouth. Won’t even comment on the “diving” at a penalty, cos those keepers who save more then they let in are rare. But I agree he’s been way of in his timing the last few games and seems to lack confidence. How to get his head back on track I don’t know, but Arsene doesn’t really have a history of motivating keepers.

Not sure who else we can get? Ospina doesn’t seem to have Wengers trust and I like Martinez pre this season, this year he has looked very dodgy. Pickford is young, but not good enough yet. He reminds me of Foster and Woj, good at a young age but failed in taking the next step. Pretty much doubt Wenger will splash the cash on a 25-30 year old finished WC product after Cech.


Does anyone think the fact that he’s in and out of the team plays a part? I know it shouldn’t in all honesty but I’ve never been comfortable with that set up. Outside of the league cup i think the number one goalkeeper should play every game.


The value in keeping Cech outweighs any sale, so unless he wants to step down the ladder to Crystal Palace or Fulham then I presume he stays here until playing retirement.


He’s visibly slowing down it’s what happens when you get older .
I questioned the value of 10 millions and 3 seasons at over 100 k per week bit was howled at !
Hes still good but by seasons end Ospina will have taken over I feel !


What makes you think this? He starts in every Champions League game, doesnt he?


So now Cech is the reason why we are dropping points? It’s everyone’s fault. Defence not defending, midfield no protecting our back 5 and our “wingers” too lazy to track back.


Cech has been a reason we’ve dropped points since the opening two clangers on his debut.




Somebody posted it on the forums. The old boards. His mistakes directly led to us losing 8 points last year. And that’s not counting soft goals he conceded.

This year he’s conceded plenty of soft goals. Including the two against City where a keeper of his stature should do better. He makes constant half hearted attempts to save shots he should do better with. Whether that’s a motivation issue or a reflex one is open to debate. But it’s an issue and denying it just blindly defending a keeper who is clearly past his best.