Petr Cech (1)



Missed it :smiley:


Great game for Petr today, he just wasn’t giving up that clean sheet. :slight_smile:


Desiel was better imo.

Seriously though Cech was great today. Got us the clean sheet with a few great saves when Palace had that brief period of chances


I’ve accepted the fact that when we give away a penalty it’s already a goal for the opposition.


He is elite at diving nowhere near the ball when it’s a penalty. It’s like he tries to get as far away from saving the shot each time. A rare blemish on his overall record as a top keeper, but definitely there. He looks awful at saving pens and yet as someone picked me up on a while back, his penalty-saving record prior to joining Arsenal wasn’t so bad, but dreadful since.


How do you access the OA MDC ? put my username and password in no joy???


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How do you access the OA MDC ? put my username and password in no joy???
[/quote]You just need to sign in with your username. No password required, as that’s for Admins only :slight_smile:


OA MDC blocked at my job!!


Has Cech ever managed to save any penalties?


Not for Arsenal.


Time for Ospina to take the #1 slot.

Between his penalties and his distribution i cba with Cech anymore.


Yep he seems to have lost his spark, perhaps a term on the bench would get him motivated again?


Why bother addressing his motivation? Sell him and get a proper up and comer that can stand inbetween the sticks for 10 years.


Can’t argue with that BUT where will we find such a player? With our so called scouting team you would have thought they could have come up with a few names that could improve this shower. :scream:


Which should have happened in the first place, but alas.


I was delighted with the Cech signing at the time was hoping his winning mentality and leadership at Chelsea would rub off on our playing group, but sadly it hasn’t turned out as well as we would have liked.


We have finally a great GK since the first Jens Lehmann, but Petr looks not fully focused like in the past. The first and the third goals weren’t difficult to save.

I still prefer him over Ospina only because the first has a better body structure.


Leno would be my guy. Though my knowledge is based mostly on reputation. Might turn out to be a bad call.


He is still capable of making great saves, tbf. It’s just normal he is a bit past it.