Petr Cech (1)


I was around but we never got WCW over here, it was WWF only and whatever organisation Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks were in.

I’ve mentioned plenty of wrestling memories over the years here though, usually when someone’s passed away unfortunately. :frowning:


Top man!!




He was absolutely terrible today. I realize the defense didn’t do him a ton of favors but I’m really questioning the wisdom of letting a great young GK walk to Juventus for peanuts.


He Petr Cech himself more when it comes to crosses, not the first time he has problems dealing with aerial attacks. First goal was rather comical to concede so soon after grabbing an early lead. We got away with it in the end but hope he sharpens up for the next game.




He looked more like Claudio Bravo tonight!

We should sign Juve’s second choice keeper to replace him.


I’ve grown to dislike Cech now. I think he’s a detriment that’s immensely protected by Wenger. Arsenal FC can do alot better, a 35 yo keeper showing clear signs of decline is not a key piece in a title challenge


Quite. With every passing game for us, he becomes an even bigger Chelsea legend


I don’t think he was much at fault for their first goal, the third one yes for sure. He did come and make a great block on rat face tho to prevent another one


word for word :joy:


Haha how weird. Though I’d imagine many Chelsea fans say it all the time - they think all their ex players/managers are Chelsea legends.

But yeah I don’t rate Cech that highly. It wasn’t just about him being at fault for a goal tonight - his whole demeanour throughout the game seemed quite nervy which is not what you want from one of your supposed “leaders” on the pitch.


The midfield and defense put him in terrible positions but on the first and second goal he was caught in no mans land. Not gonna blame him for the set piece that can happen to any keeper. Once again though a needless situation because terrible passing leading up to the corner.


I’ve been saying since before we signed him that he’s past it. But I certainly didn’t anticipate him being this error prone. It’s almost like he isn’t interested in half the games he plays.



Whilst I wasn’t against signing Cech in first instance I think if we just went about replacing Szczesny properly (with a younger and promising GK) that summer nobody would have missed him.


I don’t think I remember Cech having a worse game than that.


His first game for us where he gave away two goals to West ham comes to mind.


Changed my mind a little, 1st goal was awful by him, moreso the defence as a whole. He should’ve stayed central for #1, but then Leicester players were queuing up to head it back across goal, Kolasinaç or Monreal should’ve dealt with that

3rd goal is going to be replicated all season long without Koscielny or Mustafi on the pitch.




Being Chelsea’s #2 probably isn’t looking too bad now.