Petr Cech (1)


World class save. But should have done better with the goal.


Yeah that save was sex. Pushed that onto the post on a perfectly placed volley. He’s still got it.


Couldn’t believe that moment of hesistant he had with Aguero’s goal. It would’ve been tight, but it was definately doable to get there before him. Nonetheless, that finger tipped save went a long way to redeem the earlier error.


Don’t think that save from Toure was particularly praiseworthy. He takes quite a while to react and isn’t at full stretch to reach it. In the end, he’s lucky he doesn’t concede, in which case I’m sure the reactions would have been “Cech is getting a bit slow”. Any keeper playing at this level should save that shot, imo.


Aguero’s goal really pissed me off. After Sergio’s bad touch, it became a 90/10 ball in Cech’s favour. How he didn’t just smother it is beyond me, way too hesitant.

The way he sat suspended while Aguero chipped him caused flashbacks of Almunia!


Proving that he’s still got some quality the last few games. Good to see.


Yeah he’s absolutely not finished at all as I first thought a few months ago. Great to see he’s back to his best from last season!


He certainly has shown his quality on several occasions but my overall concerns over him still remain.


Good man Petr!


I still like Cech and he’s saved us a few times this season with some decent saves but has also looked a bit shaky at other times, you can tell that his age is starting to catch up with him and we should be looking at replacing him in the summer, maybe bring back Chesney because apparently he’s improved a lot in Italy. Cech will go down as one of the best ever keepers but his time is up as John Cena would say


We fucking better if Wenger just tosses it away it’s another thing I’ll dislike about him.

Would absolutely love to win this since we have no chance with the CL


I can see Petr Cech being our Europa League keeper next season whilst Woj plays the league


Yeah? I’d expect it to be the opposite, what you propose would be a massive demotion for Cech and I’m not sure I see Wenger doing that


WOW! He truly rocks!


The first time in history that people at a concert have been most interested in the drummer.


Incredible :joy: :joy:

What does it mean though? any wrestling fans on OA?


They have an event called Money in the Bank where the winner gets an open challenge on the WWE title that they can “cash in” at any point.


I wouldn’t have expected you to know.


Why’s that? :slight_smile:


I guess I never expected you to be a big Wrestling fan. On second thought though you could have been around when Harlem Heat was still going strong and Rick Flair won the majority of his titles.