Petr Cech (1)


At least its a new one


More pictures than text… a classic John Cross article.

I’m also not sure Ospina letting in 5 goals should really be taken as a reason for Cech to start as pretty much all of the goals can be blamed on the defense.


I think all the keepers knew the score.


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I’m not a fan of small size GKs. David Ospina for me hasn’t the right body structure for the Premier League when the ball is much more time in the air than on the pitch.

It’s time to step up for Emi…


Ospina is one of the best backup GK’s in the league.

We’ll manage ok with Davie like we done this time last season.


His last game was a bit shaky though :wink:


People often say that Ospina is the best back-up in the league, but I still don’t particularly rate him. Looking at the other back-up GKs he doesn’t have a huge amount of competition for that accolade really. Mind you, Cech hasn’t exactly done what he was supposed to do this season – “Cech will save Arsenal 12 or 15 points a season” – so I doubt we’ll be any worse off with Ospina at the moment.


Ospina is average and we are about to see why in coming weeks.


He’s not an average keeper at all.


Not sure why some think otherwise maybe because of his stature? However, Ospina is a quality keeper and has proved that at Nice and international level.

Before he joined us he was one of four keepers to save at least 80% of shots faced in the major European leagues, the others were Buffon, Navas & Neuer. At one point playing for us he had the 2nd highest most saves per goal ratio across Europe.

Also in his last season playing for Nice they conceded 0.83 goals when Ospina played which grew to 2.22 under their backups Lucas Veronese and Mouez Hassen.

I’d happily drop Cech for him and it’s a blessing in disguise he gets to play now, he has superior reactions and is also a pretty good at saving penalties. I think he justifies his tag as the best #2 keeper in the PL but he could be a lot more than that if Wenger had faith in him IMO.

He really isn’t, he’s better than this washed up Cech easy.


I think Ospina will surprise a lot of people in the two weeks he gets to play. Cech needed dropping anyway. He’s been thoroughly underwhelming although much of that is probably down to our entire team playing like dog shit.


Our defence can make any keeper look shit…


He’s a good shot stopper, not great in the air, makes a lot of saves look way harder than they are and will get hurt a lot of times. He’ll do the job but I wouldn’t be surprised if he also costs us some points during the time he plays.


He was a decent keeper, yes. But his recent form for us hasn’t exactly showered him in glory - I mean, just look what happened on Saturday? He couldn’t even deal with a simple cross for the Robson-Kanu goal. But as I said, Cech hasn’t impressed this season either so it probably makes no difference who we play in goal.

I don’t like the idea of “cup keepers” either. Pick a number 1 and stick with him. Personally, for me, if we’re not buying a new GK then I’d give it to Szczęsny next season.


I’d say he was more than just decent and to be fair the fact he doesn’t play regularly is surely a detriment to his form.

In the past he’s done very well with a consistent run in the team, with that said over-committing and his competence in the air are probably his biggest weaknesses if any but he’s still a better option than Cech.


Way past it. Sold him in the summer. How couldn’t he save it?


Let’s be honest his timing was terrible for the Aguero goal but most of our keepers would come wipe him out giving away the red card and the penalty and subsequently the entire game.