Petr Cech (1)


The signing of Peter Cech had potential to be very good indeed, but his decline has been alarmingly rapid. I have to say I thought we’d get more than just 1 good season out of him (maybe 3 or 4) but it’s not working out that way. Add goalkeeper to the list of positions to sort this summer.


The thing is that we see keepers like Van der Sar and Buffon who were still top keepers in their late 30s and generally believe that the general trend amongst keepers is that they retain their ability that late into their careers when the truth is very few actually do. Once a keeper hits the age of 33/34 the decline starts to show a little and with Cech it’s obvious he isn’t the keeper he was 10 years ago. I think VdS late career success skewed a lot of people’s perceptions regarding the longevity of goalkeepers.

I foresaw this because even in Cech’s final season as Chelsea number one you could see he had slowed down and even with the national team some of the goals he was conceding were either very soft or downright comical.

I’d advocate bringing back Woj in the summer in the hope that his impressive form in the Italian capital can be translated back over here.

Either that or sign a top keeper.


Well Chesney and Roma are second to a WC Buffon and BBC in least goals conceded, so bringing Chesney back might not be a terrible idea at all.


He won Golden Gloves with us…what does that really say for his quality as a goalkeeper?




^^^ i couldn’t help but laugh at that…fuck me i guess if you don’t laugh you cry :santi:


Don’t want Woj back. And he would do good for his own career by staying the f*ck away from Arsenal. He’s hade a good season so far in Italy, why risk the inevitable failing by returning to be judged all over again.


Some of the ‘I told you so’ bollocks in this thread…


Hes not going to save us 15 pts a season but he’s still one of the better keepers in the league at the moment but his star is waning and he needs replacing by seasons end .
I didnt approve of a 10 million fee plus 100 k a week for 3 years just because of the fading factor ,we need 1 top rated goalkeeper ,there arent many around !
Another problem piling up because we dont act decisively !


Casper should be for sale at seasons end…


As much as I respect Kasper Schmeichel for his honesty in calling Leicester’s title defence embarrassing, he has not been without fault this season. I don’t think he’s any better than Cech so what would be the point?

Besides, if it’s a 30 year old PL goalkeeper you want then go for Tom Heaton instead. Though I’m still team :woj:


Another shocking display from a keeper that was meant to be saving us 12-15 points per season

Needs replacing at the end of the season for me


He was smiling after the Fabregas goal. He has clearly stopped giving a shit. Get rid ASAP.


Serisouly? I didnt see that at all




Star Sport:


PETR CECH could be axed by Arsenal […] Turn to page 47 to read the end of the sentence.


Haha gotta love the Daily Star. “He might be dropped or he might not be, we don’t really have a clue”

I’d keep him personally, for the Hull game anyway, then see how Ospina gets on v Bayern.


Title hopes were dead a long time ago. We could start Wenger as our goalie in the league for all I’m bothered.


Not dropping Cech would be criminal. We have a competent shot stopper on the bench who deserves a chance after not really doing anything to deserve being replaced to begin with.


Wenger just said we’re not in the market for Joe Hart or any other goalkeeper because we already have “three world class goalkeepers”.

I can only assume we’re keeping them hidden and saving them for a rainy day.