Petr Cech (1)


Can’t agree with this, Hart gets a bad rep in general but he’s an excellent keeper tbh.

The amount of times be saved City last season was insane and he was key in them getting top four, was practically a Dea Gea-esque season.

He has a few mistakes in him but what keeper doesn’t? Lloris made mistakes in both games against us last season and has done so in another big game (City) recently but that doesn’t stop him being a top keeper.

I think considering how defensively unorganised we are Hart would be very good here. He’d save us more so than Cech because at this point he has superior reactions and mobility.


He’s getting old, really not a whole lot more than that. I still think his shot stopping is above par, but his reactions easily could’ve slowed down a bit, and it’s evident they have. I can’t believe I would be open to the notion of giving Ospina a Premier League start, something I was very against.

To the above who asked about Joe Hart, yes I would be more than happy with him in goal next season.


Ugh because he didn’t save a massively deflected shot (which was coming directlu at him until that shitter ramsey stuck his ass in the way), and a tap in, he’s shit again? He just had a couple of amazing peformances the last couple weeks.


Now I’m not saying his bad I’m just saying he’s not the world class keeper we thought when we signed him. Amazing is a very strong word, what amazing performances has he had in the last few weeks ?


I want Leno. You should all want Leno too. Anyone caught mentioning Joe Hart is getting a nut shot with a bottle of head and shoulders.


I don’t want anyone who is deemed to be worse than Claudio Bravo.


We aren’t signing a GK and truth be told I don’t want one.

We have Cech Ospina or Szczesny. I’m happy with any to be our GK


I think even my dad, dodgy hip 'n all would be a better keeper than Bravo…if you looking at worse you are probably scraping the bottom of the geriatric barrel!


I guess it’s a bit of a toss up as to whether or not you rate one over the other.

I’m definitely not convinced he improves us in terms of defensive organisation. The problem there runs much deeper than who is between the sticks.


I reckon Cech’s probably in a sort of career home straight comfort zone and may be aware from the inside that this Arsenal squad is a distance away from winning a league title. Might be difficult for him to fully be up for the challenge, also he’s an easy #1 for Wenger at the moment. However good some Ospina performances may be, he screams out #2 backup keeper


Your not at Chelsea now Petr. You better get used to this.


Sloppy Cech criticises sloppy team mates.

Not sure it means too much when he’s been playing the way he has.


At least he still has a winning mentality.




Dumb cunt.


Agent Cech :bellerin:


:joy::joy::joy: Almunia would be proud of that


Was willing to give him the benefit till the end of the season, but now just stick Ospina in for the remainder. Cech’s done for.


How is Ospina sitting on the bench when Cech continues to churn out performances like this?


That was by far and away his most embrassing moment in an Arsenal shirt. He just didn’t give a fuck at that moment.