Petr Cech (1)


Do you guys really expect keepers to save penalties?

As a concept alone, it is basically a free shot with keeper not allowed to charge.
We expect strikers to score when one on one with keeper, with the keeper charging & narrowing the angle.
I completely resign to goal conceded once a penalty is given.

The dread or hope is there but come on now.
A keeper saving any penalty is complete lottery.


I don’t expect them to save them but I’d expect them to at least notice how often penalties are going very much in their zone, often straight down the middle.

They have all the data in the world and yet don’t seem to see that if they delay their decisions rather than guessing, they could react quite successfully to a lot of these penalties. It’s almost like Cech wants the confirmation of having physically tried his very best instead of out-foxing the taker.

If a penalty is smashed in a corner, then fair enough. Getting beat down the middle over and over again well within his range is disappointing.


I think it much more likely hes going on instinct like he’s done for the previous 15 years of his professional career. Whether that’s right or wrong is an interesting discussion but I doubt his main concern is to appear to have tried.


Of course and I agree, it’s prefixed with “almost like” for a reason. The underlying point is similar to yours in that it doesn’t seem like he’s really thought about his decisions with penalties. Just goes all out to either side.


Honestly, I’ve been critical of him this season and last but the penalty aside he had an excellent game.


No. Like you I’ve pretty much always considered a penalty given against us to be incredibly likely to result in a goal. If it doesn’t it’s a real bonus

But I would probably expect a (formerly?) top class keeper to have saved at least one during his time with the club so far. As long as criticism doesn’t go too far it is acceptable to acknowledge and discuss his poor record on penalties.


Sometimes I watch the replay of Kaboul goal and think maybe a keeper with better reflexes would have done better.

Then I see other angles and think there’s no way 99% of keepers would stop that due to the nature of the deflection.

Then I remember Oblak saving a pretty wicked deflection against Bayern. And Buffon against Sampdoria. And countless other saves from keepers off the back of wicked deflections

I know I’m harsh on him but it’s only because we signed him on the basis that he was a match winning keeper.

I think he looks disinterested and limp in times at goal.


I get this feeling with half of the team tbh.


Cech lost the hunger to win when he left Chelsea, he only joined us because he could live in the same location without changing his or the rest of his families lives upside down. His our 1 and gets makes a good living by coasting.


I don’t believe this. If he wanted to coast he’d have stayed as a reserve at Chelsea. He’s still competitive imo but probably just not good enough anymore.


He may not be the quickest anymore but I don’t really think you can blame him on this goal as he was positioned right for the shot but can’t really expect Ramsey to leave his man for a poor attempt to block the ball. Maybe someone with better reflexes would have gotten his hand to it but that is far from something a goal-keeper could keep out more often than not.


A shot deflected is 99% a goal. Stop to moan Petr… we had Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone and Szczesny in the past, Petr Cech is important as player and as person in our squad.


He’s a bit shit.


So he doesn’t get down quick enough, doesn’t get big enough to close out angles, concedes every penalty, has no chance with every deflection and isn’t a world class sweeper keeper either. Not to mention his refl see have noticeably slowed.

So what the hell did we sign him for?


Meant to be saving us 12-15 points per season they said. Think we are still waiting for that this season!

Really think we need to be looking elsewhere during the summer

Would Joe Hart be such a bad choice?


:woj: > :cech:


I think that’s the wrong question. The question should be would JH be an improvement. I think the answer is no.


Its fucking silvestre all over again isn’t it.


Szcezsney seems to have had a very good time at Roma to be honest, I wouldn’t have an issue bringing him back here.


Aside from clips of a few impressive saves I haven’t seen anywhere near enough to make an informed comment, but I find it a little hard to believe that he’s good enough to be our first choice now when he wasn’t before.