Petr Cech (1)


But do you think he will start in the next round of the CL? If so I stand corrected.


I don’t know guess we’ll see about that. Ospina has been pretty damn good so I hope he does start.


Yes he sure has. Wouldn’t feel worried at all if Ospina gets the chance in any competition.


Yep it’s hard to deny that Cech is considerably past his best form. He hasn’t been in the class of De Gea and Lloris since Courtois took hold of the number one spot at Chelsea. Can’t fault the signing, however he can no longer be considered a major strength of ours. He’s little more than a decent/competent keeper now, not the quality of keeper that can be expected to save us points very often if at all. Had it been Ospina/Szczesny, it’s hard to say whether they would have been any worse. Sad saying that but the one bright side is it’s not exactly something to place any real blame on the club for. I highly doubt Cech’s place in league games is under any threat whatsoever no matter what happens this season. He’ll probably be set at number one here for all of next season too without any question marks over the summer.


Im kind of with SRCJJ on this one. I wouldn’t go as far as saying he is finished but he has certainly degressed since joining.

I think its quite clear he is struggling to get down quicker and his reflexes have certainly slowed down. Bolasie scoring that goal at the Emirates at the beggining of last season signalled the decline for me. Most PL keepers would have saved that.

Woj has had nearly two years at Roma and has done a bit of growing out there. 2nd best clean sheets this season which aint too shabby. I’d like him back here next season, he still has a big future IMO.


Swap him and Ospina next season. I think Petr will understand. It’s like him and Courtois at Chelsea.


That’s what got him to move to us. He’ll definitely understand…


Ospina isn’t adapt to play for a Premier League club. He is a very good stopper, but his aerial qualities are not good enough for a league with the ball in the air much than on the field. Do you remember his performance against Andy Carroll?



I thought the same last season, but i think he has improved this year.


in the air? I’m not sure…



“The other keepers in the top six clubs all boast above average save success rates, with Cech top of the elite this season with 74%.”


Had a pretty good game today. Just such a shame though 9/10 when it comes to penalties, he ain’t going to save shit for us :santi:


He got a hand on it, that’s showing improvement right? Lol in the mdc i was getting ready to say that cech should just stand in the middle instead of diving :cech:


I was of the opinion that rather than waste time with the penalty, the ref should just award Burnley the goal. Not a chance of Cech saving it.

It’s odd, because in general game play I’m fairly confident with him in goal. As soon as it comes to penalties though, I feel like putting a cone in the middle of the goal would give us more of a chance of not conceding.


I was actually of the suggestion he should do this, defiantly worth a shot next time IMO.


The last 2 or 3 times the pen taker has just kicked it straight down the middle so yeah pretty much.


With the amount of practice Cech is getting this season, plus the modern data tracking of which strikers puts them where, he should be doing way better than he is.


Szczesny can save a penalty.

Just saying.