Olivier Giroud


Giroud, Laca, Oz, Alexis and Mbappe. Look at the whole picture :ozil2:


I’m looking at Giroud getting about 300 minutes all season.


Why is Giroud being treated like he is Jozy Altidore or something? Take the whole squad into account and you won’t find many teams with a better back up.




The way people talk about Giroud you’d think he had Welbeck’s record at Arsenal.


Exactly. Best impact sub in the league.


Why does it have to be at a top club though?

By the same logic, why didn’t Alexis insist on continuing the journey at Barcelona or Mandzukic at Bayern or Dzeko at City or the many other cases where players take a step down when they weren’t first choice or their club signs someone to start in their position?

This is a guy that has started 50 PL games from the bench when for the most part he was our only legitimate striker and it’s not like any of those appearances were when he was a 17 year old desperate to get 5 minutes at the end of a game.

I can’t complain if he wants to come on for the last 15 minutes and be a target as a career choice but I can’t understand a player who’s happy to not play. He started 11 games in the league last year despite being fit for practically all of them and that was only because Alexis was repositioned.

Most players coming off of a season like that should be looking to leave. I would be surprised if he made as many starts next year unless Wenger is going to try and go for some kind of two striker setup.


My point was he’s had a good run at a top club and perhaps he’s not ready to move yet especially when it’ll never get as good as this as he’ll be taking quite a step down wherever he goes, then there’s the fact he’ll still get some game time although obviously would be as secondary.

Who knows perhaps it’s all bollocks and he’s really just saying the right things but behind the scenes he’s off.


The only reason Giroud should have for leaving is if we get Mbappe as well, which isn’t going to happen.
With our injury record, and the fact we are in a European competition that requires plenty of depth in quality, he will get plenty of playing time.
Also there is no guarantee that Lacazette is going to be an instant success in the PL, so we have to cover that scenario, and Giroud is an ideal replacement, if that happens.

If Everton want one of our strikers they are more than welcome to Welbeck or Perez…or Campbell.


I’m really surprised that there aren’t more people on here who would prefer to keep Welbeck than Giroud.


Why isn’t the same tone applied to Welbeck then?

Why aren’t people suggesting he leaves in order to get game time? Afterall Laca is essentially a direct upgrade on Welb


Injuries and the fact he more or less was first choice this season when fit?


Welbeck can be deployed out wide and is better suited there.


But he’s not first choice anymore. Hardly laid down consistent tract record to lay any claim to be striker


He’s not first choice out wide either. All evidence showwe’re after a wide forward this summer too


I just can’t see what’s changed that would see the striking order go from

  1. Welbeck, 2.Giroud

1.Laca, 2.Giroud, 3.Welbeck.

Ultimately Welbeck done more than Giroud towards the end of the season during the formation change that saw us win a few games.


Considering our lack of options he’s more likely to get game time there than elsewhere,came can’t be said of Giroud.

Also let’s be real here, Welbeck is going nowhere under Wenger.


Why? Neither should be starting, and in the impact sub role, Giroud is better. Also it doesn’t help that Welbeck is a Man United player - he’ll never have the same kind of adoration


Well first off we play much better football with Welbeck uptop due to Welbeck’s superior athleticism, for me that doesn’t change whether he starts in the first minute of the game or comes on during the 66th while we are chasing a goal.

As for him being an ex-united player, that certainly made things tastier when he put United out of the FA Cup for us at OT and I didn’t hear too many United fans complaining that RVP wasn’t one of their own as he led them to an EPL trophy.

Giroud isn’t Mr Arsenal Jr all of a sudden, he’s just some bloke who’s been lucky to spend half a decade at a club where he’s never really been good enough. Now I’m not saying Welbeck ever will be good enough either but I’d certainly rather keep him in hope that in the next 4 years he can find his fitness and surpass the incredibly mediocre bar Giroud has set during his tenure.


There is an argument for getting rid of Welbeck instead of Giroud because of his knees, hes missed 57 league games in his three seasons at the club. But personally, i think we should also be prioritising lowering the average age of our forwards and Giroud is soon turning 31.

Really don’t think it’s such a big deal to sell off a soon to be 31 year old squad player for good money, definitely wouldn’t be turning down 20-25m for Giroud.

Giroud might be 4th choice to start now with Lacazette, for sure I’d rather start a game with Welbeck.