Olivier Giroud


I feel ya. Appreciated the English lesson though! Times like this make me wish I still had my English language GCSE work. You’d probably piss yourself laughing at the state of it.


Had to resist the urge but knew someone would pick it up.

I knew that someone would be you.


Shut it.


The only misleading thing about stats is the intangible effect a player has on a team for eg when you look at stats alone Theo seems like a far superior player than what he actually is. Stats are obviously and indicator and important but sometimes it can be similar to just judging an NBA player by Box score.


Hmm? I’m poking fun at Jake’s grammar compulsions not you.


I’m sorry :sob:


The opportunity to correct someone as they attempt to correct someone is just too good to pass up.

I’m comfortable with who I am.



Damn hillbillies.



I’d still rather keep Giroud. No idea what happenes to Perez Welbeck and Walcott now though.


We are truly idiots if we sell our two top goalscorers and keep fucking Walcott.

Bet you comfortable Theo wouldn’t dream of leaving Arsenal. Has it very easy here. Guy is here for life sadly.


I would keep Giroud rather than Perez Welbeck or Walcott.
Giroud is preferred to Lacazette for France, so to lose him and Sanchez, while only getting Lacazette in return doesn’t seem like very good business.


I’d be happy to sell Giroud at that price.


If I thought we would replace him with a better player, even if it’s not a striker, I would too.
But Giroud is perfect as cover for Lacazette, with his PL experience and quality.


Sell Giroud get in Laca and Iheanacho.


I think you lot are being too idealistic with the view that Giroud would happily spend the next season playing second fiddle to the man who plays third or fourth fiddle to him in the national team. Sell him whilst we can get good value for him and reinvest.


We should be looking to sell him on for one of the emerging strikers in Europe tbh.

Iheanacho, Dolberg etc take your pick.


Giroud and Laca are the ideal strike force. Both have contrasting styles of play, both are experienced players at their peak, both have a consistent league goalscoring record, both have got something to prove. There’s a excellent competition there which should motivate each player ahead of the season and with WC2018 in mind.

I said numerous times I don’t believe in the concept of a starting striker. A fair rotation policy based on competition, form and opposition should be in place. A smart manager utilities their respective qualities to the benefit of the 11 over a 38 game season.

The simply truth is if we lose Giroud we become a weaker squad. We know Giroud plays better when he’s back is to the wall and he has pressure from others. He’s an asset whose worth lot more than £20M to Arsenal.

Also I honestly don’t know how Welbeck has accumulated so much good credit he’s seen as competent back up or credible competition for Laca.


Giroud is tired of the #2 role, granted he played the role well last season with hardly any complaint but he would be unwilling to do so again, he’s had a good run here but his time here is coming to an end IMO for a variety of factors.

I don’t subscribe to the same idea you have of the notion of rotation, it is not employed at top clubs for a reason at least not to the degree you allude to barring injuries etc.

We should be looking to the future now especially as things aren’t going to be great over the next few seasons with Wenger still in charge, get in a younger quality core for the next manager to shape and take forward by bringing in a younger striker with heaps of potential that can deputise to Laca.


I wonder what his reasons were for signing a new contract in January then. What’s changed between then and now?