Olivier Giroud


Costa is a better striker than Giroud.


Just because he gets more yellow cards doesn’t mean he’s better


He’s reached 20 goals in the EPL twice, GIroud hasn’t done it once.


I don’t like Costa but I think you’re right, he is a better striker.
He has that aggression and will to win that Giroud seems to lack.
I still want Giroud to stay here, but as an option behind a world class striker.


I’m a big believer in stats and that was great to read Cristo but at the same time I feel they don’t always tell the entire story, the Costa/GIroud comparison for me is just one of those times.


I don’t think you can say on minutes per goal alone if Giroud is better than Costa. Strikers like Costa have the ability to create and scores goals on their own. They can carry a forward line on their own. That is, imo, the distinction between Giroud and elite strikers like Costa and Aguero.


Superb analysis Opta @Cristo

@Calum You’re fired



Not reaching 20 league goals once and having an incredibly high turnover of possession debunks any of those stats unfortunately. This guy went nearly half a season without scoring too. If we had a world class striker instead, we would have won the league twice in Giroud’s time here. Its overshadowed by Sanchez’ contribution.

Goals per minute isnt the be and end all of a striker


GTFO, I was a Jack supporter but there’s no comparison. Diaby was a special, special talent, and a walking piece of art besides. Jack was a very big talent who has nothing to do with art whatsoever and happens to be way too english.


The Cuellar/Diaby thing is just Luke The Gooner/Yossi Benayoun, but with longer words


I genuinely believe diaby would have been better than viera, zidane and yaya put together


You can add it to CR7 who had poor final balls in his early days. Comparing Sterling and Walcott is way off the mark because neither are technically near where Diaby was. Sterling actually has decent decision making, he’s just technically poor.




Me too! Phenominal talent.









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Fuck! I knew I’d get it wrong! I even started without the ‘s’ but added it in after. :smile:

Thanks bud! Anyways, the second part of your post, was the point I tried to make.


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