Olivier Giroud


I bet he casually walks around the showers after the game with a full blown stonker, patting his comrades’ shoulders in jubilation, “Good game guys”.


Unless it’s Debuchy haha


I agree chris to. But i’m still convinced we need a quality striker.



it’s the right time to sell, I hope this move happens.


Pleaaaseeeeee Arsène sell for once when the player still can be sold.


Another fucking year of Wenger and Giroud would put me on the brink of madness.


Giroud and Alexis have been our top two league scorers since 14/15 - where are our goals coming from if both happen to leave?

What are our chances of securing a decent replacements, with no CL, capable of taking over the goal scoring load in their first season?


Someone else. Anyone else.


For Giroud, if we don’t act like fools in the market, I rate those chances very high.

If Alexis leaves we’re pretty fucked in the short term but we already knew that.


Any names come to mind?


Giroud always gets so much stick, but he always delivers when he plays and he may not be world class but still a decent striker


Giroud is a useful striker to have off the bench. If we don’t sell him now, however, we’ll never get value for him.

Frankly, were not winning anything big with Wenger staying so the more we can sell our older players and buy young talents the better. This will make the transition easier after Wenger finishes crashing the club into the ground over the next year or two.


Obviously we need a bonafide #9 but I’m not sure why some are clamouring for him to be sold, if anything he has demonstrated this season that he is more than an adequate back up.

My main grievance with Giroud has been him being the #1 option but that doesn’t seem to be the case any more and the team is all the better for it, where are you going to get a better back up without spending unnecessary money?

Unless he’s getting in the way of signing say Morata he doesn’t need to be shipped off, the likes of Ramsey on the other hand is a different matter entirely.


Lucas Perez lol. But seriously sounds like we’re looking at Bacca.


I’d rather sell Welbeck at this point. At least Giroud always scores his good amount of goals every season.


Nah I disagree, I’d rather Welbz to stay if it was a choice as he’s 4 years younger.


It’s a strange one because Giroud makes more of an impact off the bench but Welbeck is a better player, however neither should be our starting striker next season.


Fuck me you must be joking.


A 30yo average striker who’d not even be free? I doubt it and no credible source is saying we are.